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10 Lip- Smacking Winter Foods That No Foodie Can Ever Miss, Have You Tried All Of These Yet?


10 Lip- Smacking Winter Foods That No Foodie Can Ever Miss, Have You Tried All Of These Yet?

The season of squeezing into your warm sweaters & grabbing that cup of hot coffee has arrived. Yes your most awaited winter season has arrived! When winters are here you should not fear of munching that extra calorie. So get ready to add a bit of warmth to your diet plan & make your winters more delightful by munching these lip smacking delicacies from different parts of India. This winter cheat your diet plan by savoring these delicious delicacies.

1) Lip smacking Daulat ki chaat:

When winters delicacies are talked about how can we forget Daulat ki chaat. From the streets of Chandni Chowk this dish is all set to soothe your taste buds. Popularly known as Malai Makhan, this dish is specially made during the chilling seasons of October to February. It is a light & frothy mixture made from churning milk & cream which will glide you through the rustic flavors of Delhi! So when you are in Delhi don’t forget to try this luscious winter delicacy of Delhi.

2) Nolen Gurer Sandesh:

Start your winters with delectable Nolen Gurer Sandesh. This Bengali sweet is prepared with date palm jiggery which is found only in winters. This delicacy is surely a treat to your sweet tooth. This dish marks the start of the winters as its major ingredient date palm jaggery is grown only in winters.

3) Nihari:

There is no better way to start your winter mornings than eating exquisite Nihari. The specialty dish of Lucknow Nihari is traditionally beef soup curry which is prepared using chicken or mutton. It is cooked overnight & consumed as a breakfast dish in most areas of India. This dish is mostly accompanied with soft puris. The specialty of this dish is that it is cooked overnight & so the meat cooked is extremely soft & delicious. So make your winter mornings more crisp & tempting by consuming scrumptious Nihari.

4) Ram Ladoo:

Don’t go over the name of this dish. It is named ladoos but there is nothing sweet about this snack which is one of the most favorite snack of Delhi people. Found across almost every Streets of Delhi this snack is made up of Green daal & garnished with radishes & spicy mint which add more tanginess to this flavorsome dish. Further coriander chutney makes this scrumptious snack more spicy & tangy. When you are in Delhi don’t forget to try this snack once, surely you will it hard to stop at just one plate or even two.

5) Beetroot Thoran:

Winters are all about to try new & delectable delicacies. So how can we forget about Beetroot Thoran? An authentic dish from the streets of Kerala beetroot thoran is cooked with turmeric & chillies, it is served with delicious rice. Stirring & frying the beetroot gives a rich & delicious flavor to this dish & also you don’t need to do much hardwork in preparing this dish as it gets cooked easily in minutes. This dish will surely soothe your taste buds & will make your chilling winters more delightful.

6) Shakarkandi ki chaat:

Winter is the season which brings lots of delicious delicacies for us and one such winter offerings is Shakarkandi ki chaat. Prepared with fresh & juicy sweet potatoes this chaat will surely give you hunger pangs. These sweet potatoes are prepared with right mix of sweet & salt which makes it healthy yet scrumptious in taste. Shakarkandi’s irresistible taste will make it difficult for you to stay away from it even for a while.

7) Gajar Ka Halwa:

When winter delicacies are talked about gajar ka halwa always comes first on our list. Everyone’s favourite Gajar Ka Halwa has not only won our hearts but also our taste buds. Filled with rich flavor & dry fruits Gajar ka Halwa is a winter staple. The fun behind finding cashews to grabbing the last spoon of Halwa, Gajar ka Halwa makes winters memorable in India.

8) Panjiri:

Not known by many Panjiri is surely winters delight. Made up of fined wheat mixture & packed with sugar, ghee & rich almonds Panjiri will surely make your winters memorable. Just one spoon of Panjiri will leave you craving for more! But make sure that you don’t finish your Panjiri in one shot as you would surely want to have some Panjiri at the time of watching your favorite movie or TV shows.

9) Gond Ka Ladoos:

Full of essential vitamins & ample amount of ghee Gond ka ladoo is what lip smacking food is all about. Winters welcome myriad delicacies & one such winters delight is Gond ka Ladoo which is a part of Rajasthani cuisine. Made up of edible gum resins and abundant amounts of ghee, Gond ka ladoo is very heavy to consume but we can guarantee you that every bite of this ladoo is worth cheating your diet chart & walking that extra mile of treadmill.

10) Sarson Ka Saag:

We can never enjoy winters without Sarson Ka Saag& Makki ki roti. Just imagine you are waking up in lazy winter mornings & you are served with Sarson ka saag & makki ki roti with lots of melted butter on it, even your imagination becomes tempting right? So turn your delicious imagination into a reality by treating yourself with delicious Sarson Ka Saag this winters. Not only this is a special treat to winters because of the seasonal availability of sarson but it is also a dish which your taste buds always look forward for.

Aren’t these lip smacking winter delicacies makes your mouth watery? If yes then what are you waiting for? Just go ahead & try each one of them in this chilling winter season. As winters are meant for cheating your diet plan and taking an extra bite of these flavorsome rich winters delight!
P.S: Don’t forget to do an extra hour of work out after consuming these rich winter delicacies.

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