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Bigg Boss 11: Here’s Why We Feel Shilpa Shinde Is One Of The Best Contestants In The History Of Bigg Boss


Bigg Boss 11: Here’s Why We Feel Shilpa Shinde Is One Of The Best Contestants In The History Of Bigg Boss

The 11th season of Bigg Boss has come quite far, with only 9 remaining contestants as well there’s no effects on the entertainment quotient of the most watched reality show. Although we all have that one contestant whom we can’t help but love the most out of all, in this season it has to be undoubtedly, the motherly and the most entertaining Shilpa Shinde.

We have seen a variety of emotions going through her, she has given us a show full of entertainment with the right amount of mischievousness, drama, action and lots of emotional feels. The vibes at the start for this contestant was very different, as she headed into a heated argument with Vikas Gupta, always chasing him and annoying him but it actually looked very, very entertaining to us. Everyone inside the house quoted it as her going crazy or mad, but it was rather understandable.

Her behavior at the start showed just how much of hurt she must have been going through everyday before entering the Bigg Boss house after being banned by the television industry. An industry she loved passionately and worked tirelessly, suddenly that industry she had always worshipped didn’t even support her stand and wiped her 14 years of hard work away in a matter of days. A small news and it was all over for Shilpa Shinde.

With nothing to lose and nothing to hide, nothing to be afraid off and no one by her side, Shilpa Shinde got the chance of a lifetime after two years of no work on television. She entered Bigg Boss 11 with the root cause of her hurt and joblessness, Vikas Gupta. It was only natural on her part to do whatever it is that she did on the show thereafter. Yet, she has to be given due credit that it is because of her that we can see Vikas Gupta as the brain of the house. If he was the Lost boy of the house before, he is now the mastermind of show.

That didn’t hamper others or her behavior towards them, the other contestants willingly either participated or just plain ignored or had fun watching it all unfold. So no one really has any right to say that they stood by her side or that she is crazy and ‘flipped’, when she is only one who has stayed the most constant throughout the show in her behavior and personality.

Shilpa Shinde was always the most sweetest and motherly in nature for everyone else, always taking care of each and every one inside the house. Shilpa Shinde cooked, cared, loved and in all her honesty became good friends with Puneesh Sharma, Arshi Khan, Akash Dadlani. She has mothered them as her own, because it was just that natural of her being the eldest in the Bigg Boss 11 house.

She stood loyally by their side and in a way it was through her influence that Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani started to be looked at in the positive light. THEY gave her the esteemed position of being their mother inside the Bigg Boss 11 house and not vice versa. Yet it is THEM, who are now hurting and throwing insults at her face whenever possible. Akash Dadlani has showered her with many foul words and other such negative comments in the haze of his own insecurities from Vikas Gupta and Hiten Tejwani.

Arshi Khan has totally lost the plot of the game as she juggles through her own indecisiveness and insecurities. She is insecure about being shadowed by Shilpa, but she also doesn’t want her to have any other friends aside from Arshi, herself. She would pair with the likes of Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma, Luv Tyagi who have character assassinated her hundreds of times before on national television; rather than being respectful and loyal to her actual and honest friends like Shilpa Shinde. Irnony of the whole situation is that it is Arshi Khan who is passing judgements of how much of a ‘kalank’, Shilpa is on being a women. Like, seriously can you get a reality check by looking into the mirror!

Not only her own friends but even the other contestants have in all their consciousness spoken words and made actions that were demeaning and absolutely disgusting towards any woman. Starting woth Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma when only in the first week itself, Hina Khan didn’t fail tobshow her true colors, she made disgusting comments on Shilpa’s career, figure and her looks.

Priyank Sharma as well had made body shaming comments on Shilpa Shinde, yet the lady didn’t even utter a word against their character or their looks. When Shilpa Shinde did pass the comment of being ‘kalli’ on Hina Khan, it was because you can’t give tanning any othee name pther than being kalli. One cannot call kalli as being demeaning and derogatory to an individual because it wasn’t linked with any bad comments whatsoever. It just pointless to attempt at covering the wrongs of anyone by making false allegations on the victim, themselves. Not that Shilpa Shinde has ever made herself out to be the victim inside the house, she has always remained strong, independent and fierce on her terms. Maybe, it is others who need to character analyse themselves before it is too late, rather than advising Shilpa on the same.

Shilpa has never shown her true emotional state, but at times the negativity and the betrayal of her counterparts in the television industry before Bigg Boss 11 and now her previously so called good friends inside get to her head. Shilpa’s journey up until now, has shown us just how reality works out in the end. It showed the true nature of life and people of today’s time. So much ungratefulness and disrespect shown towards her is something that makes us realize that she is the most strongest of all contestants, afterall one needs to be really strong to forgive people easily who have wronged you in the most painful ways.

Shilpa Shinde is the heart of Bigg Boss 11. There’s no one like her, who has shown us so many sides to their personality as much as she has in the past two months of this show. We definitely see her as one of the finalists of Bigg Boss 11.

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