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Bigg Boss 11: YAY! Moment Of The Episode, Vikas Gupta Sacrifices His Fav Jacket For Shilpa


Bigg Boss 11: YAY! Moment Of The Episode, Vikas Gupta Sacrifices His Fav Jacket For Shilpa

We are in the 8th week of Bigg Boss season 11, and we can all see some relationships developing slowly in-between the housemates. The contestants have finally showed their true colors, to themselves and the audience watching the popular reality show. Bigg Boss has always been a place that is either the worst place to make relations or one of the best, we already have known it from the past experiences of the show’s ex-constestants in the previous seasons. The double eviction of Sabyasachy and Mehjabeen had left everyone in tears, the whole house was emotionally attached to Sabyasachy.
Even the always-smiling contestant, Shilpa Shinde finally broke down into tears. But what surprised us was the way how beautifully it was Vikas Gupta who handled her. In her emotional state, even though all her friends were surrounding her, it was her arch-rival Vikas Gupta, who gave her a shoulder to cry on and let her emotions out. It was a very heartwarming sight accompanied with an even more heartwarming apology from Vikas Gupta’s side. Truly the two former enemies have forgiven and forgotten their past deeds towards each other and made amends to their relationship.
Their once upon a time’s cold relationship has turned flowery and warm, all because Vikas understood Shilpa’s point of view and saw the truth in her past struggle after being banned from TV. He realized that unintentionally and unknowingly somewhere he has hurt her the most, and all her actions were just a way of letting out the repressed feelings of anger and sadness towards losing her passion of acting on screen again.
But all’s well that ends well, Vikas Gupta has proved to be a changed man and someone who will stand by Shilpa’s side no matter what. In today’s episode of Bigg Boss season 11, during the nomination task wherein Shilpa Shinde can only be saved if Vikas Gupta decides to destroy one of his most cherished hoodies. Shocking everyone and even Shilpa herself, Vikas Gupta gives a positive nod on doing the task to save her from nominations. But that’s not all, before doing so, the warm and beautiful words spoken by him towards Shilpa Shinde is what steals the whole limelight of today’s episode.
Vikas Gupta makes a promise with Shilpa Shinde and tells her to come back on television after the show is over. Not only that but he admits to his Karma and proves it that he really understands Shilpa’s point and realizes his mistake in all of it. He apologizes on national television and saves Shilpa Shinde from nominations. It was a moment of truth and a heartwarming sight of friendship blooming in-between them!
Be sure to catch this beautifully emotional episode tonight on Bigg Boss season 11 at 10:30 pm on Colors channel.


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