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“You may be a superstar, but you don’t own Alibaug, ” Maharashtra Lawmaker Questions Shah Rukh Khan


“You may be a superstar, but you don’t own Alibaug, ” Maharashtra Lawmaker Questions Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan recently bought in his 52nd birthday with his close friends and family at Alibaug where we saw a bevy of stars going and coming back through speed boats & yachts at the party venue. From Ranbir Kapoor to Farhan Akhtar, from Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt, we saw almost everyone who is close to SRK at the do. Also, this bought in a huge crowd at Alibaug who went there to catch a glimpse of their favorite star bringing in his big day. Though it did not go well with one person who couldn’t get to his boat because of the chaos caused by Khan’s yacht which was docked at the jetty. Read on…


Jayant Patil lost his cool when he was unable to commute via his boat at Alibaug as Khan’s yacht was already docket there. It did not go down that well with Patil who was seen shouting in a video as soon as he figured out that the birthday boy is in no hurry to leave.


Patil, who also happens to be a Maharashtra legislator, got delayed because of Khan as he was also about to leave for Alibaug from the gateway Of India jetty around the same time. Patil, who is from Alibaug, is the general secretary of the Peasants and Workers’ Part, Raigad headquarters. Shouting in the video which went viral, he is heard shouting, “You may be a superstar, but have you bought entire Alibaug? You cannnot enter Alibaug without my permission.”

A source told us, “A huge crowd (of fans) had gathered there to get a glimpse of the actor and Khan was also waiving at them. There were some police officials too for his security.”

When the Maharashtra Legislative Council member was contacted, he said, “For some time, Khan’s boat did not leave and I had to wait. Even the police were doing nothing and this irked me. I heckled him (Khan) because I was getting late and it seemed that he was not in a hurry (to leave),” he added. “I am a fan of the actor but what happened there was not good. Superstars should get police protection but that does not mean others should suffer because of it.” You can watch the video here…



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