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Qarib Qarib Singlle Review: Is This Movie Worth Watching? Here’s Our Review


Qarib Qarib Singlle Review: Is This Movie Worth Watching? Here’s Our Review

Single not ready to Mingle!

Direction – bad
Writing – average
Cinematography – average
Editing – bad
Production Design – good
Sound Design – good
Performances – good
Overall – average
Verdict – Can be avoided
Rating – **

The film is about Jaya and Yogi who set out on a journey to trace their past relationships. Both of them meet through a dating website. Jaya is a life insurance agent. She is a widow. Yogi is a poet. He is single by choice. What happens when Jaya meets Yogi’s girlfriends is something to be watched in the film.

The film as a concept may sound interesting but not when it translates into a full fledged screenplay. More than the screenplay it is about the execution that is not upto the mark. It is a small story that has been stretched long. Even content wise there is not much to show. The film could have been shorter. The film does not have anything to keep the audience wanting for more or the unexpected kind of twists and turns. The director focuses more on conveying the information and leaves it there.

The film has a pretty steady pace where you watch the incidents unfolding one after the other which after a point of time gets tiring and repetitive. The climax is also very cold and predictable which makes the things worse for the film. It is rushed into as if the makers wanted to quickly end the already tedious film. The monotonous plot of the film and the lack of interesting sub-plots makes the film a series of incidents connected by the same characters. There is no particular graph to the film, no ups and downs, not a single high point that makes you sit up and take notice.

There is no reasonable trigger for the road trip and meeting the exes, in short the entire journey of the lead pair. There should have been a strong motivation that triggers the journey. There are smaller reasons and one of the reason for the journey is that Yogi wants to prove it to Jaya that his exes still miss him and cry for him. But still that one driving force is missing. First of all you meet because of a dating website and in the very second meeting you are ready to leave your work and go on a road trip with a person you barely know. Does that even make any sense. What if there was no road trip?

It would have actually made no difference to the narrative of the film. In fact the story would have been quicker and fast-paced if it had all taken place in the different parts of the same city. It would have saved a lot of time that was stretched because of the trip. A trip is not always necessary for two people to discover each other or discover themselves. The only purpose that the trip serves is the variety of locations and keeping the lead pair together. We have seen many road trip films and there is nothing that makes the film different or stand apart from the other films. Even there is nothing new or unexplored in the locations.

Instead I feel that the focus should have been on developing a better relationship between the lead pair rather than keeping it so vague. Making the relationship so overtly vague also makes the film monotonous. There should have been some moments that make you feel for the lead pair. The graph of the relationship pretty much goes in a straight line throughout the film till the climax where there is a change in the graph and the film ends. The moment there is something developing in the relationship the film ends.

So what was the entire Ramayan meant for? There needs to be atleast some kind of relationship developing between the lead pair like friendship or even if they didn’t want to commit to a particular relation between them then the film should have ended also in that way leaving them to be strangers who ended up discovering themselves or an open ending for that instance. But with this kind of climax you have to build up a relationship in a subtle way and lead the audience into the climax that is supposed to be the high point of the film. The characters of Yogi and Jaya are well developed but apart from them the other supporting characters are not well developed. The characters of Yogi and Jaya are also clichéd.

They are one dimensional. The characters could have been better explored. The layering of the characters should have been properly done. The journey of the characters is shown to be very easy and convenient without too many obstacles which makes the film boring. Their journey should have been more challenging especially when you are out on a trip to meet your exes, so many interesting things can happen. So there is ample scope in the story if explored and interpreted properly. There should have been smaller conflicts apart from the main conflict that would have made the journey interesting and the climax better since the audience likes to see the characters struggling to resolve the conflicts and finally achieve their goal.

The audience even sympathises with the characters. I would say that the concept was explored superficially making a shallow screenplay that reflects in the film. Even if the director would have interpreted the screenplay properly it would have made a difference. The humour in the film clicks. It keeps the film going, making it bearable and entertaining. The dialogues are effective. The editor fails to provide a sense of rhythm, pace and timing to the film. There is no variation in the pace. There are continuity errors in the film. When Yogi and Jaya are returning in a boat after meeting Yogi’s first girlfriend it is supposed to be night but in some shots we can see the sun and the daytime in the background when the camera is on Yogi talking to Jaya. But when the camera is on Jaya we see night. The daytime can be seen in one or two shots, after that when the camera is again on Yogi we see night. Another one is the colour of spectacles worn by Jaya.

In some shots it is bright red whereas in some shots it is a lighter shade of red. The visuals of the film are also very normal nothing interesting. You don’t get to see a unique perspective of the cinematographer. The background music is used at a few places, predominantly we get to listen to the ambience and the foley. The songs are average. They are used at the right place according to the situation.

Irrfan Khan steals the show with his performance. He saves the film. He plays the character effortlessly. His comic timing is nice. Although he has played such characters before but still it is a delight to watch him. Parvathy manages to pull off the character. But she is not able to match up to Irrfan’s energy. Her performance is average. The camaraderie between them is missing.

The film can be watched once for Irrfan Khan otherwise it can be avoided.

Rating – (2/5)

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