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Bigg Boss 11: The New CAPTAIN Of The House REVEALED !


Bigg Boss 11: The New CAPTAIN Of The House REVEALED !

We all know how important it is to be the captain of the Bigg Boss 11 house, this season has proved just how more of an importance it helds rather than the final winning amount of the show. After losing luxury budget task, housemates geared up for the captaincy task.

Now, the competitors for this captaincy task is definitely a very unique sort as it’s in-between Akash Dadlani, Bandgi Kalra and Sabyasachy.

This time though, when Bigg Boss introduced captaincy task, the housemates also had to participate. Although, the housemates were tasked to chose their favorite contender out of the three and put their given eggs in the contender’s respective nest. For example, all those who wanted to support Bandgi Kalra, gave their eggs into Bandgi’s nest to make her win!

Well, this was just the chance all wanted, they showed no signs of hesitance to support their favorite contender. They started using their personal eggs from the luxury budget as well. Lol! We wonder whose idea that might have been. Now, the twist brought to the surface of this game by Bigg Boss was that the contenders were allowed to break and steal their fellow contenders eggs. After-all, what is Bigg Boss without drama and spice, after-all?! So, the drama ensued.

However, we finally have the new captain of the house and its none other than Sabyasachy! Now it will be pretty interesting to watch what takes place after this captaincy result, is Sabyasachy finally going act out and play of his moves in this game

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