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Virat Kohli Is India’s Highest Paid Athlete As Per Forbes, Earns Rs. 3.2 Crore Per Instagram Post


Virat Kohli Is India’s Highest Paid Athlete As Per Forbes, Earns Rs. 3.2 Crore Per Instagram Post

Virat Kohli has become the synonym for superlative success, unmatched fan-base and record-breaking machine. In his career, he has reached a stage which only a few happen to reach and ultimately become legends. The reputation at which Kohli has reached in his career and in such a little time with his dynamic demeanor  on the field, aggressive batting style and the successful run as a captain  already has registered his name in one of the most popular sportsperson on a global level. Here is the proof…


Kohli’s majestic success in the sports world has allowed him to become one of the highest paid sportsperson in the world when it comes to endorsement deals and in the ad world. He is everywhere from fitness to fashion and is killing it! Also, he is one big time social influencer thanks to his popularity. With more than 15 million followers on Instagram, more than 20 million on Twitter and 36 million followers on Facebook, Kohli has become a brand-name.


As per Forbes, Kohli charges a whopping g $500,000 (Rs 3.2 crore) for his one Instagram post for promotion of a brand or a company. This is equal to what football star Cristiano Ronaldo earns through one Instagram post. The leader of the board, however, is the renowned comedian Kevin Hart who charges an unbelievable sum of  $1 million (Rs 6.4 crore) per post.

Hiking his fee on other parameters, Kohli has started charging Rs 5 crore per day for brand endorsement on TV from his old price of Rs 2.5-4 crore a day. Also, his net worth has hiked to  around $22 million (Rs 141.3 crore). Kohli has increased his fee to Rs 5 crore for endorsing a brand on TV. We cant be anymore proud of the Delhi lad and wish to continue his top notch form in years to come.

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