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Bigg Boss 11: Dear Hina Khan, Your Opinions Are Double Standards, Don’t Play Such Dirty Games Inside The House


Bigg Boss 11: Dear Hina Khan, Your Opinions Are Double Standards, Don’t Play Such Dirty Games Inside The House

Bigg Boss season 11 has seen a lot of tumultuous situations inside the house, courtesy of all the contestants that play fire with fire. Obviously in this fire one shall burn their hands just as much, while some play hide and seek, some stay still, some create useless tussels and some just want attention from the cameras, there are all types.

Though there’s that one contestant in all seasons that play the role of being the ‘sweet knife’ with double standards. That very contestant inside the Bigg Boss 11 house is none other than, Hina Khan.

The one with an 8-year long experience of being in one show continuously, in one shade of character. Well, seriously it’s too big of an achievement, we definitely can’t put her in the ranks of people like Shilpa Shinde or any other contestant inside the house because she is ‘The Hina Khan’.

At the start of the show, Hina Khan entered being the righteous and a just person that she claims herself to be; well, in reality, we came to know in just two weeks just how hypocritical she is. From fat-shaming Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde she proved just how small her mentality is, she never really left a chance to make an indirect or direct statement towards their character or their career. Well, what should we call this her apparent tilt towards self-righteousness or her insecurity from letting anyone take away her limelight?

Her hypocrisy has no bars, even though she makes a big show of just how vulgar Puneesh and Bandagi’s intimacy looks on national television, yet she goes along and roleplays the whole scene along with Priyank Sharma just for the sake of gossiping about it with her so-called ‘friends’ inside the house. More like lapdogs, actually. She could have shown it with Benafsha too, she was present there but no, she chose Priyank.

Hina Khan maybe really good at her tasks but coming from a reality show like Khatron Ke Khiladi, it will be a severe insult to her own image if she couldn’t even complete her tasks. Although even then, when she is at fault, she has the most convenient of ways to pass the blame on to someone else, what can we say she loves being right okay!

Other contestants can’t even take her name because she is too good for their tongues to be able to take her name. Tell us Miss Hina Khan, what is it exactly that you’ve achieved so much that you keep gloating about it all the time!? Give us all a break, can you!

When she is the one making comments on other’s character and passes along her harsh judgment on them, it’s all fine because she is Hina Khan after all. She has achieved a lot and that’s why she can say or do anything she wants. Why is it any different when someone else is doing the same?

At least they don’t hide like cowards afraid of the judgment of the media and the audience. Hina Khan, are you desperate for the camera’s attention, because of each and every fight and argument that ensues, you’re in the middle of it all. Like the whole fight was actually about you and not for once about someone else.

You shouldn’t give out a character certificate for someone else, no matter who that person is, you don’t have the right to do so. In the next episode of Bigg Boss 11, during the task, Hina Khan will again be seen making nasty comments on Arshi Khan. Maybe Arshi Khan has no values and shame, but that doesn’t mean that Hina Khan has to stoop as low as her to get back at her. A statement so vulgar is more filthy and dangerous than a foul word thrown at one’s face. All this shows what standards Hina Khan possesses and also her own class!

Not true to her own image outside the house, neither inside the house, who is Hina Khan exactly, because seriously it seems as though she has completely lost the whole plot of the show and her own stance throughout the same.

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