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The Hunting Ground Team Plans To Take On The Epidemic Of Sexual Assault In Hollywood!


The Hunting Ground Team Plans To Take On The Epidemic Of Sexual Assault In Hollywood!

The Hunting Ground is a documentary that tackles the grave issues like sexual assault on college campuses, especially cases that are wisely covered up from seeing the light of the day, now in the background of the rising of the very same epidemic in Hollywood; the filmmakers of Hunting Ground will turn their focus on giving light to these similar issues in Hollywood.

The team has planned to bring forth such similar sexual assault cases to the forefront of everyone’s attention, the Co-directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering announced their plans for the new documentary on Monday, the aim is to capture “this pivotal turning point in Hollywood history, which is the underlying current of abuse and manipulation at the hands of power.” Furthermore, the film will be set to produce the glaring reality of Hollywood’s  ignorance towards sexual misconduct cases against the more powerful individuals like Harvey Weinstein.

Moreover , all this was planned even before the most scandalous case of all times in Hollywood took the forefront of everyone’s attention and thoughts, which was the recent Harvey Weinstein sexual assault case, yet following this big revelation came hundreds of other such cases’s in the eyes of the concerned authorities, which helped in the finality of this project.

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, “Documentaries, more than any other medium, bring an intensely moving investigative lens to controversial subject matter,” Dick told THR. “What our film will capture, especially at this pivotal turning point in Hollywood history, is the underlying current of abuse and manipulation at the hands of power. Our film will also underscore the courage it takes to come forward and be a catalyst for change.” Though the making of the project has already been in talks before the Weinstein case to foray but due to the subject matter it was lacking in funds, but as Ziering added, “Then the Weinstein stories broke, and it’s like an invisible dam collapsed.”

“Sexual assault is a traumatic crime that often has devastating lifelong consequences. It’s committed by a small percentage of men — who, more often than not, are, like Weinstein, repeat offenders,” the duo wrote. “They are able to commit these crimes with impunity thanks to a culture which historically has given them cover. It is time for that cover to end.” This was written by both Dick and Ziering, who penned an op-ed for the Hollywood Reporter condemning Weinstein as well as demanding that the producer be thrown out of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

It is definitely a good way to bring more seriousness and create more detailed investigation of such cases, so as to further avoid such cases from becoming someone’s reality ever again, saving someone from the doom of being exploited at the hands of power ever again!


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