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Evicted Sshivani Durga Reveals The Real Truth Behind Her Black Magic On Shilpa Shinde


Evicted Sshivani Durga Reveals The Real Truth Behind Her Black Magic On Shilpa Shinde

Second-week elimination happened last night and we were taken aback when a potential contestant Sshivani Durga suffered elimination.

Well, Sshivani did have a scope but she failed to make a mark amidst the contestants like Arshi, Shilpa, Hina, Vikas. She did not really participate in unnecessary fights and tried being a diplomat when it came to taking sides. She was quite calm and composed.

However, that one thing about her in the house that became the talk of the town was when she gave haunting looks at Shilpa Shinde. If you all remember, the housemates got really scared and they started accusing Sshivani of performing magic inside the house. The way she looked into Shilpa’s eyes was definitely scary.

After her eviction, she spoke to a leading daily, “Shilpa was the one who was staring at me and I only gave it back to her. That night, the fight was between Shilpa, Hina, and Vikas Gupta; don’t know why Shilpa started giving me fierce looks. As for Puneesh (Sharma), I have no clue why he spread the word that I was doing some magic.”

Apart from this, Sshivani even revealed that her purpose was not to create ruckus or controversies around her. She wanted to spend quality time than make a negative image around her. She said, “Well I did go in the house with a lot of expectation but I never believed that I will stay there for too long. I wanted to spend some quality time rather than quantity time, and I think I managed to achieve that in my short stint. The audience and the housemates saw the real Sshivani Durga and I have come out on a positive note, with my head held high.”

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