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Bigg Boss 11: The First Padosi To Be Out Tonight Revealed Here!


Bigg Boss 11: The First Padosi To Be Out Tonight Revealed Here!

Well, things have definitely become quite interesting inside the Big Boss season 11 house. From the contestants themselves to the numerous fights and heated arguments in-between them has made the show very entertaining and full of twists.

Talking of twists, the biggest twist in this season was the part where the padosis were introduced with a made-up fictional story into the main house of Big Boss. Though their facade didn’t even last for a whole of one week. It definitely would have made things interesting if they would have been successful in their attempt in making the other contestants believe in their story.

Afterall the padosis didn’t just lose their background story but also their chance to immunity from weekly evictions. Now that they can be openly nominated, they are pretty much vulnerable like the rest of the housemates. Not to mention bit as show host, Salman Khan had announced, they did forego through punishment for not keeping up to their end of the deal. It was the eviction of one of the padosis out of the four.

Now, it should be pretty clear who will most likely be evicted from the house, yes it’s none other than Lucinda, who is from Australia, she hardly made any contribution to the show and to their story as well. The least amount of participation came from her side, so it is pretty obvious that she would leave. So, now that another contestant Lucinda is out of the house; the dynamics of the Big Boss season 11 house in-between the remaining contestants will undergo more change as even Shivani Durga has been evicted from the show due to less votes in nominations, this week.

Things are yet to be seen and heard, but stay tuned to Big Boss season 11, for spice and drama!

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