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Revealed : Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Puneesh Sharma Is Married, Is He Fooling Bandgi Kalra?


Revealed : Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Puneesh Sharma Is Married, Is He Fooling Bandgi Kalra?

Ever since Puneesh Sharma made his extravagant entry at the Bigg Boss 11 house, he made sure he talks and shows how lavish and flamboyant his life style has been. Proving that he has been a rich spoilt brat from the capital city whose life hovers around nightclubs, parties, girls and expensive cars, Puneesh has also made an impression of being a flirt inside the house. Also, he started flirting with another contestant of the 11th season, Bandgi Kalra, and expressed that he likes her a lot and won’t be able to survive inside the house if she gets evicted. Later, as the show progressed, he got a little bit touchy with Bandgi as seen on the show, though the later also admitted that she has started liking him. Everyone naively assumed that the Delhi silver-spoon is single without thinking much but it turns out that he is not!



As we have found out, it turns out to be that Puneesh is already married and is lying about his single status in the show. It was known that he married a girl way back but he has now separated from her after filing a divorce case. It has also been learnt that his lavish life-style was the reason behind their divorce. “The reason he has separated from his wife and wants a divorce because she couldn’t live upto his playboy lifestyle,”a little birdie told us.


Also, on the other side, Bandgi also doesn’t enjoy single-hood as her pictures with boyfriend Dennis Nagpal have surfaced the net where they make a handsome pair. Nagpal, who is a known TV-producer, is highly miffed with her girlfriend’s closeness with Puneesh and his series of tweets after seeing the show’s clips make it quite evident as well. One of his tweets read that it is very shameful for Puneesh to be this touchy with Bandgi despite being married and questioned his character. He also tweeted about Bandgi being 11 years younger to Puneesh also doen’t go down well with him.


Well, it very well can be a strategy for the both of them to enjoy some TRP on the show and manage to survive till the end as it has been seen in the previous seasons that in-house couples have always come out stronger on the show.

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