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Bigg Boss Day 10: Arshi Khan And Sapna’s Fight, Padosis’ Fake Act Gets Caught


Bigg Boss Day 10: Arshi Khan And Sapna’s Fight, Padosis’ Fake Act Gets Caught

Day 10
Big Boss season 11 moves on to its tenth day. While some of the contestants can no longer stand the house and the other inmates, there are some who still find a silver lining in this dark house.

Here are some excerpts from day 10:

Sapna Chaudhary makes off-handed comments and taunts against Arshi Khan, then as Arshi Khan gives her a taste of her own medicine, she makes again makes a deliberate attempt to rile Arshi Khan, she makes all kinds of childish ways to get on Arshi Khan’s nerves. This also results in a tiff between Arshi Khan and Mehejabeen.

While Vikas Gupta catches hold of the truth behind the padosis’ made-up story; Love and Shilpa Shinde got into a heated argument about their made-up property and legal story.

Shilpa Shinde also tries to convince and console Mehejabeen to meet up with Lucinda over the legal matters.

Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan definitely make the whole pre-captaincy task very entertaining. The winning team, Arshi Khan’s team gets a pass to get into the main game for captaincy, while Hiten can no longer be a part of the captaincy task along with Shilpa Shinde’s team as well.

The dynamics of the house relations are definitely undergoing quite the change, with Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta on par with each other, the entry of the padosis and also the Shilpa-Arshi duo is making quite a lot of difference.

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