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Bigg Boss 11: Here’s The First Captain Of The House, Guess Who?


Bigg Boss 11: Here’s The First Captain Of The House, Guess Who?

Earlier we already highlighted the excerpts from the Big Boss season 11’s day 10. Well, Hiten Tejwani had failed to recognize the good queen in-between Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan, resulting in Arshi Khan’s team winning their first luxury budget task.

Now, as the contestants of her team get a chance to participate in the captaincy task. Two contestants are chosen to make it to the captaincy task face-off, her teammates Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma get the opportunity to contest in the first captaincy task.

Well, bets have been placed but here’s a shocking turnabout in the whole Big Boss game, as the one and only to win this captaincy task is none other than, Vikas Gupta. The one who ran away from the Big Boss house just after its first week has mangaed to bag the captaincy tittle in its first race.

Though, the most interesting part will be to see how this captaincy affects the dynamics of house? And what will be Shilpa Shinde ‘s reaction to this change? Not to forget that Vikas Gupta has little to no tolerance, so that makes him quite vulnerable; makes us question whether he will be able to handle being a captain?!
Well, all you’ve got to do is wait and watch as the game enfolds. Stay tuned to Big Boss season 11.

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