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10 Times Mediocre Cinema Made Much More Money Than Superlative Cinema


10 Times Mediocre Cinema Made Much More Money Than Superlative Cinema

Bollywood is an unexpected space for many reasons. A brilliant movie like Lakshya who has become a cult classic now failed at the box-office but at the same time, a mediocre movie like Happy New Year made whooping 345 crores at the box-office. Similarly, a no-brainer like Humshakals which makes Rs. 86.6 crores makes us go surprised as a highly acclaimed and high on content film like Titli just manages to mint 1.8 crores just because it had smaller names in form of the actors. We strongly feel that smaller movies which have much larger than life subjects must also generate equal numbers of eyeballs which other ‘blockbusters’ receive owing to the star-power in them! Let’s take a look on movies which proved that mediocre cinema can generate high revenues while smaller movies fail in achieving the same due to this starstruck behavior of Indian audience :


Dhoom 3 (585 Crores), Ra.One (246  Crores), Golmaal 3 (160 Crores), Dilwale (369 Crores), Happy New Year (345 Crores), Bang Bang (340 Crores), Housefull 3 (195 Crores), Shivaay (146 Crores) : As you just read, these movies which are completely masala movies from start to finish and are no brainers when it comes to being intelligent and high on content still mint huge amounts of money at the BO. Reason being the A-listers who act in these movies drawing public to the theaters which is kind of stupid. Biggies like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn continue to star in mediocre movies yet end up giving blockbusters and it is high time Indian audience should stop entertaining these movies which are poor on content. No wonder a movie like Happy New Year goes on to create box-office records while superlative cinema products like Stanley Ka Dabba, Lakshya, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Titli, Citylights, Udaan, Shahid etc just fetched brilliant reviews but below average business.



Citylights (7.98 Crores), Titli (1.8 Crores), Udaan (3.4 Crores), Johnny Gaddar (6.7 Crores), Stanley Ka Dabba (5 Crores), Shahid (3.2 Crores), Shanghai (3.5 Crores), Aamir (4 Crores) : All these names have proved one similar point that these movies have proven that content will always be the king. Though these movies have failed to become blockbusters, they still remain as highly acclaimed pieces of cinema and a few have already become cult classics. These movies which were small on budget and had smaller names in the form of their lead star-cast but they won a lot of awards at several film festivals. We hope they start minting money as well so that these brilliant movies keep getting made and these prolific directors have some budget to atleast continue making these maverick movies.




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