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Opinion: Dear Bigg Boss Can You Please Stop Bringing Low-Grade Contestants On The Show


Opinion: Dear Bigg Boss Can You Please Stop Bringing Low-Grade Contestants On The Show

Reality shows on television claim to be real and practical in nature, but sometimes they fail to be so in the bid to get higher TRPs. Just like this, Reality TV show, Big Boss has also gone low with its standards of contestants.

The contestants on Big Boss show has really made us question its authenticity and the nature of the show; Is it a show that’s here to demean someone’s image and their personal lives to be broadcasted all over the world? Is it a show that makes unjust behavior against women look right in front of the audience? Is it a show with a sole purpose of high TRP ratings?

These are questions that arise in our minds because of the recent seasons’ contestants that have proved to be just that low. We ask, why is it that Big Boss even thinks of bringing in such people in the first place that may harm and demean others as well as the dignity of the show?! The season 11 of the Big Boss show, had contestants like Arshi Khan and Zubair Khan, while the former has made some changes in her behavior after show host, Salman Khan’s warning; Zubair Khan has been evicted from the house after a very first week. It is a welcomed decision by all the audience, it was needed to be carried out. It’s no surprise that Big Boss is that one show, which is watched by a large margin of the audience from different sections of society.

That’s also why, the Big Boss makers should be very careful with the contestants and their background, Zubair Khan made the lives of the other contestants quite miserable, he claims he took a stand against a senior housemate being disrespected, but he has done the same many times in the first place, inside the house. Not to forget but for taking a stand, he went ahead and disrespected another woman. From day one onwards Zubair Khan has been terrible, from his filthy jokes to him talking in a filthy and foul language repeatedly. All this certainly drops the whole standard set by the Big Boss house.

Previously as well, last year’s season 10 had dreadful contestants like Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga, they were the most horrible characters the whole history of Big Boss has ever witnessed. They made the whole show dirty and filthy with their own game plan and wrong-doings. It was a living nightmare not only for the contestants inside living with them but also for the audience watching them make a fool out of themselves and degrading the show’s quality.

We can only advice the Big Boss makers to bring in people with at least some amount of set standards, and we also thank them as well as show host, Salman Khan this time for the strict actions taken against such contestants.

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