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Bigg Boss 11 Day 9: Vikas Gupta Running Away, Shilpa Shinde’s Queen Tantrums For Captaincy


Bigg Boss 11 Day 9: Vikas Gupta Running Away, Shilpa Shinde’s Queen Tantrums For Captaincy

As the days go on within the Big Boss season 11 house, it seems that the house has itself become a ticking time bomb. Here’s what day 9 has brought into the house:
From the first day itself, the main house contestants have already started questioning the validity of the padosis background story. Seems the Big Boss house inmates aren’t that gullible after all!

Vikas Gupta deliberately picks a fight with Hina Khan, takes a dig at all the house inmates for taking his side of the argument against Shilpa Shinde. Having had enough of being inside the house, he tries to run away from the Big Boss house.

Well, that’s quite a demeaning behavior towards all the other contestants who are supportive of your stance.

Well, the first task for Big Boss house’s captaincy has started and as Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde are required to stand against each other in this task as a good or devious queen, with Hiten Tejwani being the mediator as King. Other house inmates are supposed to be their advisors or the general public in their service.

As the first task is given to Sapna Chaudhary by Arshi Khan, which was to give the latter a leg massage, Sapna Chaudhary made quite a scene by crying over doing such a ‘demeaning’ activity. Seriously though what did she expect when she came inside the house, last seasons of Big Boss had much dirtier activities been performed by the contestants. Is Sapna Chaudhary only in Big Boss as some not so needed moral police!

Shilpa, Hiten, and Arshi definitely make the whole game very entertaining. Shilpa Shinde definitely has a very good strategy at the ready always!

Now, all we can wait and watch is what kind of a change does this task bring in about the relationship in-between the Big Boss house contestants.

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