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Taimur Ali Khan’s Doppelganger Just Gave Us Double The Cuteness And Aww Moments!


Taimur Ali Khan’s Doppelganger Just Gave Us Double The Cuteness And Aww Moments!

Taimur Ali Khan has been the most searched celebrity kid from B-Town on the internet. When it comes to being utterly cute and almost eatable, no one comes near Taimur who has already hundreds of fan pages on Instagram, Twitter etc. The destiny kid of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan has got the perfect mix of royalty and cuteness resulting in the best combination of genes. His oh-so-adorable photos go viral as soon as he gets clicked when he is taken out of his home whether with daddy Saif or mommy Kareena. And guess what? The cuteness just got double as we have found his doppelganger  as well on Instagram. Yes, you read it right!


No, we aren’t talking twins here. Baby GIRL Inaya Shoaib who is already a hit on Instagram has been fetching adorbs from all over and we’re not surprised. She was born on 5th December last year and she is not Soha Ali Khan’s daugher (people are confusing her with the actress’s newly born baby). The photos of the two munchkins has already been making news and a collage of both the bundles of joy is already a delight to see! You will also be surprised to see the resemblance the two kids share and melt your heart away for sure.



Recently, when his father Saif Ali Khan was asked about his kid who is already an internet sensation, he said, “Taimur begins his day with bhajans and ends his day by listening to Chopin and Tchaikovsky. Other than that, he just burps and farts all day, just like me. I’m sure (he) will enjoy the family gatherings. Apart from getting him goodies and gifts for the season, I would love to play dress-up with him and get him into the most adorable traditional outfits. Also, he is a fan of Indian sweets. So, I am sure he would have a fun time trying the very many festive specialties.”

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