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8 Scenes From Padmavati Trailer Ft Deepika, Ranveer And Shahid That Will Be EPIC!


8 Scenes From Padmavati Trailer Ft Deepika, Ranveer And Shahid That Will Be EPIC!

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus Padmavati has been the most talked about. Ever since the trailer time was announced, every Bollywood fans were hooked to their laptops and phones because an SLB movie with a stellar star cast and a historic touch promises to be worth the experience.

Here are Scenes we predict that means a lot to the script and for us, it is already one of a kind and EPIC in all true sense:

Scene – Rani Padmavati looks at Rawal Ratan Singh with love and that one glace at her up, that defines the simplicity of their love and romance 

Scene: HowRawal Ratan Singh is hypnotically looking at Padmavati, it defines that her beauty was mesmerizing. 

Scene: Intro of Khilji, his pride, his love his power 

Scene: How Padmavati makes Rawal Ratan Singh wear his war helmet proves that she is the reason behind his pride, his strength and she is her savior! 

Scene: Khilji’s face covered in ‘Gerua’ which is a Hindutva color mark that scene can be a landmark change in the story. 

Scene: Khilji’s menacing acts that mark his negative side 

Scene: The faceoff between Rawal Ratan Singh and Khilji will be surely EPIC

Scene: When Rani Padmavati takes charge to seek her own revenge and her trademark dialogue 

Well, the wait was worth it. What a trailer. It will be an injustice to put the kind of cinematic value of the trailer in words. From the cinematography, costumes, sound, music to characters, SLB assures us royalty packaged with a visual treat. The trailer looks fantabulous and we want you guys to watch it here:


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