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Box Office: Haseena Parker, Bhoomi, Newton Takes A Slow And Disappointing Start

Box office

Box Office: Haseena Parker, Bhoomi, Newton Takes A Slow And Disappointing Start

The box office seems to be going through a terrible drought of hits, it almost seems like none of the movies that release are going to touch down the marks to even become mediocre hits at the box office.

Bhoomi seemed like a good catch at the start what with its power packed trailer and Sanjay Dutt’s comeback into the industry. Unfortunately, Bhoomi was unable to take the opening of even Simran, which released last week, in the meanwhile Haseena Parkar couldn’t reach the numbers of Daddy which was another underworld film released a couple of weeks back.

The collections of Bhoomi as well as Haseena Parkar are astonishingly low and couldn’t gross quite well even in the evening shows what with their 2 crores and 1.25 crores were picked up from the morning shows yesterday.

Amidst all these poor collections, Newton has done respectively better what with its restricted distribution amongst only 300 odd screens, not to mention but still, it was quite poor. Though it will survive due to its entry into the Oscars representing India, even then it will only be attributed by the English speaking audience in the metro cities, which is quite limited. Whereas, the wider audience does not care for the Oscars so that makes little difference. The opening day collections of the three new Hindi releases are as follows:

Bhoomi – 2 crore net approx
Haseena Parkar – 1.25 crore net approx
Newton – 85 lakh approx

Now, amongst this all, Kingsman- The Golden Circle will probably end up being ahead of these Hindi films in its collections, what with it already being a head start of more than 2 crore net. It definitely has more potential than films like Bhoomi and others!

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