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Movie Review Toilet Ek Prem Katha: Despite Few Flaws, This Movie Is Entertaining And Deserves A One Time Watch

Toilet Akshay Kumar


Movie Review Toilet Ek Prem Katha: Despite Few Flaws, This Movie Is Entertaining And Deserves A One Time Watch

Ek thi Soch, Ek tha Shauchalaya dono mil gaye khatam Kahaani!

Let me start with a question. Agar hum Toilet dekhne theater jaa sakte hai phir shauch khule mai kyu?

The film is based on the Swachh Bahrat Abhiyan. So the first half focuses on the soch and the second half on the shauchalaya. The second half is better than the first half. Amidst all this is the love story of Keshav and Jaya.

The story is set in a village. Keshav is married to Jaya. After marriage Jaya comes to know that there is no toilet in Keshav’ s house. She has always used a toilet in her house so she refuses to comply and join the lota gang of the ladies. She demands a toilet in Keshav’s house. Will she be able to get a toilet? Can she bring about a change? Is something to be watched in the film.

The direction of the film is good. Making a debut with an issue based film is a brave choice. But just revolving around the issue doesn’t always work. You have to offer the audience something more than the issue either in terms of the story or the entertainment quotient. The thought behind the film is definitely commendable but it all begins and ends there. We can see the progression of the thought only towards the second half. Taking Akshay Kumar in the film a lot more was expected from the film. The director’s vision was also very clear which could be seen from the definitive shots of the film. The execution was up to the mark. The film keeps you interested but not engrossed.

The film is fairly written. A small issue has been stretched for too long due to which the first half ends up being monotonous. There should have been more sub plots or some kind of twists and turns that keep the audience engaged in the film. If there is nothing more to offer then the script should have been shortened by editing some parts from the script. I would be more interested in watching the struggle of the main character rather than the jugaads that he resorts to. Since his struggle involves the audience in his journey but sadly it only begins in the second half. The characters are well developed. The relationship between the characters is well developed. The emotions are not really conveyed effectively. The drama in the film clicks in parts otherwise it doesn’t. The scenes between Keshav and his father are well written in terms of drama. The drama should have been more impactful. The humor does work and keeps you interested in the film. In fact it is the humour due to which you do not get bored while watching the film. The romantic parts are nice and subtle since the main focus is on the issue and toilet. The dialogues are very good.

The cinematography of the film is very good. The frames are well composed. The film is visually very bright and the mood of the film is created very nicely.

The editing of the film is average. The problem is that the director and the editor of the film are same. It is good in the sense that the director knows precisely what is supposed to be shot during the production of the film. But when both the roles collide there is a conflict that takes a toll on the film that can be seen in the film. The editing of the film could have been tighter. The first half could have been better edited since it seemed to be longer than the second half. The first half was lagging in pace. The duration of the film could have been reduced.

The sound design of the film is good. The background music is okay. It could have been used better. It doesn’t really help to convey the emotions. The songs are melodious. They are used according to the situation but they don’t take the story forward. One or two songs could have been edited from the film.

The performance of all the actors is very good. Akshay Kumar delivers another impressive performance. Bhumi Pednekar is promising but not very good as compared to her debut film in which she was terrific. Her dialogue delivery is a bit off. She seems to be screaming in some parts. She is hamming throughout the film. The chemistry between the lead pair is nice and unconventional.

Divyendu Sharma is the surprise package of the film. He is the highlight of the film. From the very beginning, he is into the character and performs with the same energy throughout the film. I feel that he did overshadow Akshay Kumar in some parts of the film. Sudhir Pandey is brilliant. He brings the right kind of intensity to the character. Anupam Kher plays a character that will be remembered. He is very good with his comic timing. Rajesh Sharma has a small role in the film but it is always nice to watch him.

The film is a one time watch for the soch.

Irrespective of whether you go to the theater or not to watch the film lekin khule mai shauch karna avoid karo kyu ki Jaha Soch Waha Shauchalaya. Issued in public interest.

Rating – 3/5(***)

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