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Highlights From The Toilet : EK Prem Katha Press-Conference Held Today


Highlights From The Toilet : EK Prem Katha Press-Conference Held Today

The media interaction of Akshay KumarBhumi PednekarAnupam Kher and Divyendu Sharma for Toilet : Ek Prem Katha was held today and from talking about the controversies which took birth namely the U/A certificate, movie being leaked, stalking women in the songs etc to whether the movie will be tax-free or not, the actors talked about it all. Here are the major highlights from the event gone by :

On ‘Has Mat Pagli’ Song Promoting Stalking : The very melodious ‘Has Mat Pagli’ song has the character Keshav played by Akshay secretly clicking pictures of Jaya played by Bhumi. There were several allegations on the makers that the movie promotes stalking women, For this, Akshay said, ”It’s just a character and that’s it. He is just trying to take her photograph. There is something which is little wrong to itself about Keshav but main sab achchai nahi dikha sakta na… Aise toh mere ghar me shauchaalaya bhi nahi hai par vo bhi dikhaaya hai.”


On Keeping A Screening For PM Narendra Modi : The movie Toilet : EK Prem Katha deals with Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan which was initiated by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and the media asked whether the makers will keep a screening for the same or not? The actor replied, “I would love to keep a screening for PM. But he looks after the whole country and that’s more important than watching a film.”


Bhumi Pednekar On Working With Akshay Kumar : Someone asked Bhumi Pednekar about her working experience with Akshay Kumar for which the actress replied, ”Akshay sir is the greatest example for somebody like me who is just one movie old. It is my second film only and when you see someone like him who has been in the industry since 25 years and more than 100 films, you get inspired. He is so driven, so dedicated, so professional and he is still so excited about being on set and killing every scene to the utmost capacity of him. I am very inspired from him and it is wonderful.”


On The Recent National Flag Controversy : Akshay Kumar was recently facing a controversy regarding our National Flag which he was holding in the opposite direction apparently. The actor took advantage of this stage when asked about the same and clarified, ”Accha hua aapne ye sawaal poocha. Actually, main vo jhanda uss waqqt khol ragha tha aur vo ulta uss samay tha. Toh peeche se kiseene photo kheech li aur maine bhi realize nahi kiya kyunki uss samay main usko seedha kar raha tha. Aur agar aap dekhoge toh TV pe vo seedha hai lekin uss waqt peeche kiseene kheech liya. Lekin fir bhi, agar kiseeke sentiments ko usse thes pahuchi hai toh main uske liye maafi maangta hun.”



On Toilet : Ek Prem Katha Being Tax-Free – One journalist asked whether the movie will release tax-free or not, Kumar said, ”Nothing has been official till now though we have sent a form for sure which has to be filled for the tax-deduction. Viacom is looking to it so that the movie releases tax-free.”



On Whether TEPK Got Leaked Online And Pirated Or Not : Recently, there were news reports which said that the full movie Toilet : Ek Prem Katha was found in someone’s pen-drive before police seized it. When asked about it being leaked and facing piracy, Akshay Kumar said, ”I will say that piracy did not happen. It is a wrong thing and before any major thing could have happened, our crime branch caught the people and saw to the matter. So, nothing is there online or pirated so I will just thank the crime branch for it.”






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