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Priyanka Chopra Is Just One Of Us And That’s Why She’s Our Role Model


Priyanka Chopra Is Just One Of Us And That’s Why She’s Our Role Model

Priyanka Chopra is an eye treat on screen and we can’t deny this existing fact. We all know that her talent has paved her way from Bareilly to Mumbai and then to Montreal. Today on her birthday, the only thing we come to realize is that success has made her take pride in herself but never allowed her to change her real.

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We all relate to Ms. Chopra because somewhere we all aspire to be one of her. She had her own share of struggles and we do have the same. From being just another model entering in Bollywood to becoming the face of India globally, Priyanka never chose the easy.

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Despite all the success, she is a simple woman at the end of the day. As told in an interview by her that sometimes solitary and loneliness makes her time difficult. She feels that silence speaks too loud. She has never felt the deliberate pressure to break the stereotype, she did what her heart wanted and that’s what made her the Priyanka Chopra we know.

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She has some kickass swag and we pretty much adore that. She has this little self-obsession about herself and that we all have it too, don’t we?

Priyanka Chopra’s sassy way of asking herself to be the lead of Quantico or just shutting her trollers on social media, she is never predictable for anyone. We too have this indecisiveness which ultimately makes us settle for something that makes us happy.

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Talking about craziness, we know how much Priyanka Chopra is crazy in real. From changing her Oscars gown in an Airport Bathroom or simply making the most cliched desi pose at Eiffel Tower, she has no qualms of losing her sanity anywhere. Her craziness and sarcasm are all about intelligence. 

She is known for her fierce feminist approach without sounding too preachy about hating the men community

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She is the daughter every parent would ask for. She still misses her father whom she lost to cancer and being such a busy star, she never really made her mother feel lonely. She takes her mother with her, wherever she goes. We all would have done that.

We all are somewhere just like her or may be she is just one of us but yet she is role model because she totally nailed every step she took in life with confidence and talent, she is us but above us in every aspect and that’s why Priyanka Chopra is an inspiration for every woman and man.

On that note, A Very Happy Birthday To Priyanka Chopra, wishing her more success and power.

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