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Despicable Me 3 Review: Watch This Movie Once For The Children, They Will Enjoy It


Despicable Me 3 Review: Watch This Movie Once For The Children, They Will Enjoy It

The film is about a child artist Balthazar Bratt famous for his TV show Evil Bratt. As soon as he grows up, his show is shut down. He loses his popularity and fame. It doesn’t go well with him. So he becomes evil in real life just like his on screen character Evil Bratt. He steals a diamond. Gru and his wife Lucy are AVL agents who are supposed to catch Balthazar Bratt but they fail to do so and end up losing their jobs. Will they be able to catch him and get the diamond back is something to be watched in the film.

The film is fairly entertaining although you expect to watch something much better. You don’t really enjoy the film or feel anything for the characters. The film is not too interesting.

The direction of the film is average. The director focuses more on conveying the information rather than creating moments something that stays with the audience. Although he does try to create emotional moments at a few places that is short lived. There is nothing that keeps you engrossed in the film.

The writing of the film is weak. The story is simple but the action becomes repetitive at some points in the film. Due to which the scope of the screenplay is limited. It has nothing new or different to offer. Even the emotions are not conveyed effectively. The humour in the film works at places otherwise it doesn’t. It feels as if the characters are trying hard to generate some humour. There is no high point in the film, nothing really exciting.

The only thing that saves the screenplay are the characters. The audience does not actually connect with the characters but they are fun to watch. A result of inconsistent writing. The camaraderie between Gru and his twin brother Dru is the highlight of the film. I enjoyed watching Dru in the film. The minions don’t get to do much since the main focus of the story is not on them. They do make their presence felt in the film but nothing substantial. The Sci-fi element is well used in the screenplay.

The animation is good but it could have been better in terms of making the film visually spectacular to watch, making the characters more life like. There is nothing much of 3D to watch. The film ends up being like any other ordinary 2D animation film something like the cartoons on TV.

The editing of the film is good. The pace of the film is lagging at places otherwise its fine. The duration of the film is in check as the story is narrated point to point. So you won’t mind leaving your brains at home and sitting through the duration of the film.

The sound design of the film is average. The background music is okay. It doesn’t keep you engaged in the film. Neither does it help to convey the emotions.

The film is a one time watch specially for children as they may enjoy it.

Rating – (2/5)

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