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10 Things You Can Steal From The Men’s Wardrobe To Make That Head-Turning Fashion


10 Things You Can Steal From The Men’s Wardrobe To Make That Head-Turning Fashion

Girls are so hoggish when it comes to Fashion, shopping, settings trends blah blah blah… we are never gonna overcome that inadequacy-of-clothes thing within us. Agree?
So girls, now when you beauties are already busy making, finding and matching up fashion with your creative ideas; I am here to burden (actually surprise) you with some stealing, some grabbing and something of high performance. Wonder what? Jazzing up men’s wear. Lets scroll down to see which 10 things you can steal from the men’s closet to use it as something called fashionable.

# The (Real) Boyfriend Jeans
The boyfriend styles are so damn cute! Well, this particular trend is so much in vogue and is something we all have hots for. So why not steal the jeans from the men’s closet to have that standout style and flawless fit?
boyfriend jeans + white t-shirt:

# A Belt To Accentuate
Belts have always been the faithful fashion accessory. Be it a dress or a shirt, just wrap that little thing on your waist and you are done,flattering from every angle. So now when you already being using belts why not use a belt from the men’s extension to style yourself up?

# Pull-on Over Sized Jackets
The love for over-sized jackets is boundless. Layering these masterpieces with tanks or any dress is absolutely a sleek style. Go grab a pair of such gigantic jackets from the men’s wear to have that stunning look to get you noticed!

# The Sophisticated? Sneakers
Snatching and wearing men’s sneakers is something that is definitely gonna get them on their nerves. Boys are a little too sophisticated when it comes to shoes and stealing it from them is just an another game to play. So ready to win? Babe just focus on showing your feet some love with these boy’s sneakers.

# Figure- Friendly Flannels
This is surely a steal-worthy element, isn’t it? Flannel shirts are the must-haves in every girl’s closet but if not; why are men for? haha, slip into variety of colors they have for these shirts in their wardrobe and make sure you use everyone of them for a remarkable comfort.

# Well Formed Wrist Watch
Okay, men’s wrist watches may not give you that absolute fit as you want but this edgy and patterned designs improves on a classic. They may get loosened on your wrist but will surely give you that chic appeal. Wear this standard of perfection A.S.A.P!

# Those Spacious Sweatshirts
I am super over-enthusiast when it comes to sweatshirts. You won’t believe guys but I was into my sweatshirts even in these hot summers. The idea of having big sized roomy shirts with the sleeves that run down your wrist to buy that cute looks is something I am in love with and so are you,right? What are you waiting for, the phenomenal sweatshirts are waiting for you in the men’s wear.


# Comfortable Joggers
A gym freak? Well, I got you some styling to go fashion gym-ing. Men are so obsessed with their comfortable wears say their track pants, joggers even when it comes to wearing boxers and undies (lol :D), who isn’t? You can steal the best collection of these pairs in the men’s section. Rest you are all sorted, matching it with a tank or crop or a sports bra is what you are Pro at!

# The Love For Lockets
Still waiting for an ideal gem that works as hard as you do? I have something for you from the men’s cold storage. The Lockets. There are not all boys who wear these but yeah I am sure you can manage that. With these masterpieces you can go all geometric, layering it with some more or circling round the neck to have it as a choker, you can have that achievable look that you aspire for!

# The Semi- Formal Shirts
We already have stolen so much from the guys, so let’s not prove to be more selfish (we already are) by ending with one last item. Men’s have a super-duper collection of formal shirts. Slipping onto them and neighboring it with the belt that we stole earlier is surely going to be a polished style. Accessorize it with some antique earrings and a pair of sassy shades. There you go, girl!

Mission Accomplished! (sorry boys) 

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