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Trends 2017: Sticking Pom Poms To Your Face Is A Total Fashion Cry


Trends 2017: Sticking Pom Poms To Your Face Is A Total Fashion Cry

I understand Fashion is an art and it’s all about creating something new and unique but sticking colorful pom poms to your face is something you’ll surely rub your eyes on.
These pop of color trend involves using craft supplies for eye and brow makeup, lip art, and also full face makeup.

Well, to actually try this newest wrinkle and have that attainable look is quite out on a limb. It is not as difficult as it looks, they are super easy to apply. Use eyelash glue to apply these vibrant pom poms which are handily available at craft shops.

Meet the hot shot who posted a photo of her entire face covered in pom-poms, Dutch Instagram makeup artist Marly  .

Fluffy balls. Products are listed in previous post.

A post shared by MARLY (@punchingpictures) on

Only for the daring. This isn’t a look for everyone but there are some bloggers who are trying this look on their eyebrows. Just imagining the sight of it!

This looks so artful but to actually step forward and try putting these mingled colorful eye-catchers is where I have to give a second thought.

Eyes flickering like colorful blowing leaves.

To give your eyes an off beaten path you can stick the pom poms at the corner of your eye.

Oh, and if eye makeup’s not your thing, you can try out the look on your lips. Looks enthralling? Naah!!! 

Colour colour which colour do you want? Haha! So what color pom pom are you trying?

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