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World Health Day Special: Bollywood Celebs And Their Sporty Obsession

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World Health Day Special: Bollywood Celebs And Their Sporty Obsession

Bollywood stars and their sporty ways!

In a country that’s obsessed with cricket and Bollywood, it’s often expected for most celebrities to be fond of cricket! While most do admire the sport, there are those who are trained and experts in sports barring cricket. As we inch closer to World Health Day on 7th April, here are some celebrities and their sporting obsessions!

Taapsee Pannu – Squash – While the actress may be now known best for kicking some ass on screen, she owes most of her fitness to her obsession with squash, something she plays regularly and is now officially an expert in the sport!

Randeep Hooda – Horse-riding – It’s no secret that Randeep is an absolute lover of this sport. He even has his own stable of horses and the actor even competes for official titles in Horse-riding

Ranbir Kapoor – Football – The actor is obsessed with the sport and is often seen playing at several events. He even owns a stake in a popular football team in the ISL

Aamir Khan – Lawn Tennis – The actor who played an absolutely convincing role as the tough father in the biopic of the Phogat sisters in Dangal last year, himself in his young days was a lawn tennis player. So much so he even represented his school for tournaments

Ali Fazal – Basketball – Before theater or acting happened to Aii, he was a well-established state player of basketball. Owing to an injury he gave up the sport and became an actor soon after

Salman Khan – Swimmer – The actor may not be known for his quirky roles but in his younger days he was no less than a swimming championMilind Soman – Runner – They don’t call him the iron man of India for Nothing. Milind Soman’s feats in running as a sport make him unanimous with someone who’s leading a hearty lifestyle at his age! He keeps setting new records every few months and keeps surprising everyone with the impossible

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