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Just An Opinion: Dear Australian Media, Virat Kohli Is Right By Calling A Spade, A Spade


Just An Opinion: Dear Australian Media, Virat Kohli Is Right By Calling A Spade, A Spade

Virat Kohli after the 4th Test has told that he will never think the Australian cricketers as his friends. He has never told that they are cheaters. The Australian reporter at Press Conference asked Virat,

“Do you think the Australians are cheating?” 

And Virat answered,

“This is not my opinion, it is you who have used this word” 

Then how did Virat Kohli call the Australians a cheater?

Now, just based on this, we can simply say that Virat Kohli has called a spade, a spade if he said that the Australians cannot be believed.

Everyone knows that Australians are ill famous for sledding on the field, their unruly and mischievous behaviors and it is not a new thing. Remember the Monkey Gate incident? Much before to that, the controversial decision when Gavaskar left the field because of the Australian Empire. Remember the underarm bowling by Trevor Chappel?

They have shown all non-cricketing behaviors just to win a game. Now what is being done in Dharamshala, let me give you an example: 

Assume, the fielding side captain taking instruction from the dressing room for bowling change or the fielding side captain taking instruction from the pavilion for fielder’s placement. Can it be allowed in cricket? Definitely NO. 

There are certain parameters where the captain or the consent player has to take an on-field spontaneous decision. Now what Steve Smith was doing, he was looking at the pavilion for taking instruction for DRS appeal. The dressing room has got the facility to see from a close view of the TV, its easier for them to take the proper decision, whether to or not to appeal for a revised decision (DRS).  This is morally and ethically wrong.

Virat Kohli has taken a stand on this and after the match, at the time of media briefing has commented on Smith and Australian cricketers as a whole.

What wrong has he done? 

The Australian Media has gone gaga over Kohli’s statement. Hail to them. These people think that they can escape any of their wrong actions even if they break the rules of the game. They think they will always dominate the game and nobody can dominate them and whenever any team or any player has tried to supersede them, they have gone a level down in their behavior.

Be it Sourav Ganguly, Harbhajan Singh or Virat Kohli.

Virat you have done the right thing, a bullet has to be responded by another bullet. So we all stand by you and whatever the Australian Media say, you don’t have to say SORRY to them.




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