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‘Deadpool’ Running For More Than One Category At The Golden Globes 2017!


‘Deadpool’ Running For More Than One Category At The Golden Globes 2017!

Deadpool had made a whopping $783 million globally, but the thing is, Deadpool isn’t nominated in only one category. It’s been nominated in more than one category, and that too for the Golden Globes 2017.

At Sunday night’s Golden Globes Ceremony, Deadpool will be the first-live-action superhero movie to be nominated, in the history of ALL AWARD SHOWS, to compete for top-honours.

The movie, which R-rated for a very important reason, starring Ryan Reynolds and coming from 20th Century Fox, the movie is by and far the top-grossing movie among the five films that have been nominated for Best Motion Picture for a musical or comedy, as well in the five for Best Motion Picture for a drama.

As per the traditions of the awards, many of the 10 titles nominated are prestigious films, versus big commercial players. However, Deadpool isn’t the only nominee that can claim success when seeing how well the 10 titles have done – or are doing – at the domestic and global box office. The big exception is Sing Street that fell flat in the USA, on;y bringing in $3.2 million.


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