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The Transgender Woman Defied Tradition And Got Married In A Temple In A Public Ceremony


The Transgender Woman Defied Tradition And Got Married In A Temple In A Public Ceremony

Although gay pride parades and LGBT rights have gained recognition in India over the past few years, the Indian society, at large, has still not accepted gays, lesbians and transgenders the way they should be. As a result, even a thing as natural as love matters a great deal for them and often, it is difficult for them to express it openly, let alone solemnise it with a marriage. However, Mumbai’s Madhuri Sarode, a transgender woman, chose to fight for her love and eventually succeeded as well when she tied the knot with her beau, Jay Sharma, in a temple ceremony.

On the 28th of December, Madhuri and Jay became man and wife as they exchanged wedding vows at a temple. However, what makes their wedding commendable is the fact that neither chose to marry in private and hide the ceremony. Talk about khullam khulla pyaar!

The lack of acceptance and bias against the transgender community in India has not been dissolved despite the various laws passed by the High Court to protect transgender rights. In December 2016, India’s first transgender college principal was forced to resign from her post due to a non-cooperative staff. But Sarode chose to look these problems in the eye and fight them as she made one of the most important days of her life open for all to witness. Madhuri met Jay on Facebook five years ago and from then on, their relationship blossomed as they sealed their relationship in holy matrimony recently.

Talking about her struggles, Madhuri, in an interview to Gaylaxy, said, “NALSA judgment of the Supreme Court does not talk about marriages for transgender people, so I was looking forward to the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill that the Government brought in Lok Sabha; but that also fails to mention or recognize marriages of transgender people. But we decided to go ahead and have a Hindu wedding ceremony. “

“I will move the Supreme Court if I have to, to get our marriage registered legally,” she added.       

The wedding was attended by Sharma’s sister and brother-in-law, who are residents of Dubai. Sharma’s parents, however, were absent from the ceremony.

“My mother is really conservative and even inter-caste marriages are not acceptable to them (his parents), so getting their acceptance for our marriage will be difficult. We will settle down first and then tell them about our marriage (sic)”, he said.

We salute the bravery and the spirit of the newlyweds and wish they have a beautiful married life.

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