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Salman Khan Is An Isi Agent, Claims Om Swami After Exit From Bigg Boss!


Salman Khan Is An Isi Agent, Claims Om Swami After Exit From Bigg Boss!

The antics of Om Swami refuse to come to an end. After his despicable act of throwing his urine on Bani J and Rohan Mehra in the Bigg Boss house, the makers decided to throw the self- styled saint out of the house. One would assume that this would lay an end to the attention seeking acts of Om Swami. But on the contrary, post his exit, Swami gave a live interview to a news channel where he made several horrendous allegations against the makers of the show and the host, Salman Khan as well.

In the interview, Swami accused the makers of spiking his food with drugs and also alleged that drugs were being supplied by them to the female contestants in the house. Not stopping at that, he also accused Salman of being an ISI agent and claimed that co-contestant Bani J had been sleeping with Jason Shah for four days! Swami also claimed that the makers of the show were threatening to kill him, because of which he committed the despicable act that he did which eventually led to his ouster from the show.

Salman Khan, who is majorly pissed with Om Swami, has instructed the makers to ensure the ex-contestant keeps his distance from him. And while we will see what the superstar has to say about this drama on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, this video, where one can see Om Swami make blatant allegations against the makers of Bigg Boss 10, is there for all to see. A rather sad decline in Indian TV, this!

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