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You Wouldn’t Believe What Om Swami Did When Bigg Boss Threw Him Out Of The House


You Wouldn’t Believe What Om Swami Did When Bigg Boss Threw Him Out Of The House

Things are getting pretty filthy in the Bigg Boss house off late. The controversial Om Swami, who was being tolerated by the makers of the show for quite some time now, was recently thrown out of the show after he threw his own pee on Bani and Rohan Mehra during the captaincy task!

Bani and Om Swami volunteered for captaincy after they walked out of the jail in the BB Rail task. The captaincy task needed both Bani and Om Swami to construct their own pyramids and the other housemates could choose who they wished to support in it. As no one wanted Om Swami to become the captain, everyone supported Bani in the task and also tried to destroy Om Swami’s pyramid repeatedly. This left Swami fuming and in a fit of rage, he peed in a vessel and threw it towards Bani and Rohan Mehra. While the other housemates were disgusted by this act, Bani, furious over Swami’s appalling gesture, kicked him and Rohan too slapped him, thus creating a huge furor in the house.

Later, the makers too decided that such a terrible act was unacceptable and agreed to take Swami off the show Surprisingly, Swami refused to go and after repeated attempts, the makers had to finally call in the security forces and escort him out.

Well, all we can say is he certainly doesn’t deserve to be on the show.

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