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Humma Humma Composer Tanishk Bagchi In An Exclusive Interview With Us Spoke About The Criticisms The Song Received


Humma Humma Composer Tanishk Bagchi In An Exclusive Interview With Us Spoke About The Criticisms The Song Received

With all the jizz and jazz happening in and around the upcoming movie, Okay Jaanu, starring Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor, here’s a sneak peak into the mind of the movie’s music director, Tanishk Bagchi, responsible for giving us tracks like Humma Humma, and also for other songs like Banno Tera Swagger and Bolna!

After these definite hits, its time to groove to his latest feat. Badshah, the rapper, and shows off how he has magically recreated the iconic song Humma Humma, originally by A.R.Rahman. So, here’s an exclusive interview with this incredible upcoming music director, only with Popdiaries!

1) Its read in one of your interview with Bombay Times, that you originally wanted to be a pilot, how did music come to be your first preference, then?

My inspiration came from mom and dad because they are deeply related to music and I had lots of plans for my future, to be pilot or also I love sports so something in that but you know what happened is that I thought i was not made for this thing, like my mom dad, I also wanted to start pursuing this field on my own, and also the way how their struggle inspired me and motivated me to do something, so giving success in music is like giving success to what they have gone through, so that was my main intention.
2) What’s the clicking point between the composer duo, tanishk-vayu?

‘Tanishk- Vayu’ works together as well as we work separately too, we are such a comfortable duo that we keep it pretty simple between each other, so with him the main thing is that he is like my brother and he is very positive zoned, he never judges, he understands and i am very comfortable with him. He has very different take on writing part so its very different, We get along well even with our difference in opinions.
3)From Banno tera swagger, Bolna to humma humma, how did u keep the versatility and uniqueness of your songs even while working with multiple composers at times?

Whenever i am composing any song, i keep in mind that i have to be genuine and honest, whatever i am doing music ho ya, kuch bhi ho, you have to genuinely be happy with yourself enough and you should not be a coward to try and be yourself. Songs is just like a painting on an empty canvas you should know how to color it. Banno, Bolna, they all explain the entire picture through the song and now humma song when i was told about the choreography,  i immediately understood the intentions and relevance of the song, what A.R.Rahman sir did was diamond, it’s an iconic song we cannot touch anything of it, my intention was of making it a diverse sequence completely. When people today play this they will also play the old one. So that ways i am very happy with the result. Some people are liking it and some are not but liking and not liking is not my direct concern, Rahman sir and Karan sir are liking the song, he is my guru if he is liking my song then i don’t care about anybody.

4) How was the experience in working with Rahman sir?

Everybody has the same feeling as i have. He is the guy who has changed the trend of music in Bollywood. He has opened many windows for everybody in this field. He has got some different trends in music and whatever we’re doing right now, being symphony with folk and doing changes with that of the other trends and genres, all comes from there, all comes from him. So i think he is the man we all should look upto.
5) Any future projects that your working on and would like to share tid-bits about?

I am doing music for ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya’ so that’s happening and then ‘Half Girlfriend’ is coming so it’s all gradually building up.

We wish that just like this, Tanishk keeps giving us hits after hits and wish him all the best for his future projects!

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