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New START!! 5 New Year Resolutions You Must Make And Follow In 2017


New START!! 5 New Year Resolutions You Must Make And Follow In 2017

So, the New Year is on the anvil and festivities, excitement and parties are the order of the day, right? Oh wait, we skipped the resolutions. Those resolutions that we make with so much determination and excitement and end up breaking them a month down the line. Well, not anymore. This time, let’s make a real resolve to follow at least these five resolutions and do it for no one else but ourselves.

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Yes, we all want to earn lots of money to enjoy the luxuries we desire and for that, working hard is an option that cannot be ignored. But remember guys, there is a difference between working hard and just wearing yourself out in the name of working. Your work is just one part of your life, there are many other equally important facets, which you cannot ignore. One of them being your health. Your health is important because it also affects your work. You cannot function at your best until you are in the pink of their health. So, even if you are all about work, remember that your health is a factor that can only make you work better. So make the best of the gym membership you have subscribed to or go natural and hit the road or a park. Run, stretch, do yoga. Join a dance class, it will make you enjoy working out. They didn’t say health is wealth for no reason.

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If you are working on your body and physique, don’t forget to work on your mind too. What physical exercise is to the body is what reading is to the brain. Read, absorb new information , explore different worlds apart from your own. There’s nothing that can broaden your horizons like reading. Once you start, you’ll indeed realize the therapeutic nature of it. Join a library if you can’t or don’t want to purchase books. Stimulate your creativity and try different genres. Being well read is a handy social tool for breaking the ice with various people at social gatherings. You’d be surprised how quickly you can connect with somebody if you happen to read something that interests them.

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Books and reading can be one good way to explore other worlds and environments. The other way is to pack your backpack and set out to explore them physically. Travel is an experience like none other. It is a process that is both external and internal. You’ll not only learn new things about other cultures and landscapes but you’ll also discover new facets to your personality that you would have otherwise never found out about. Go solo or with a group of friends or your better half, but get travelling. The more exotic the location, the more enriching the experience. Resolve to go on a long trip at least twice a year.

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Reading and writing are like siblings. They are an extension of each other. Writing your thoughts and opinions on things that matter to you, things that you’ve newly learnt about or just every day life experiences act not only as a precious reserve of storing memorable experiences but also make you well spoken person and expressive. Writing is also a great cathartic release for pent up emotions.  If you are really good at it, it can make you famous too. If you are creative, writing is a medium sans any boundaries.  You can let your imagination go wild, crafting out wonderful stories that people can enjoy reading. And you know what they say, the pen is mightier than the sword!

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This might not sound like much of a resolution but it indeed should be. Just making resolutions is not enough, you have to resolve to follow them. Every time you think of or try to defy your resolutions, think instead of the reason you resolved to follow them and the consequences of not following them. It will be tough, there will be plenty of distractions but if your determination is strong enough, you’ll endure and eventually overcome them.

So let’s make the coming year count and resolve to make a positive difference in our lives with these resolutions. Wishing you a very happy, prosperous and resolute New Year!           

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