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This Leaked Video From The Bigg Boss Control Room Reveals The Truth About The Show


This Leaked Video From The Bigg Boss Control Room Reveals The Truth About The Show

While the popular reality show, Big Boss, has not really been able to live up to it’s legacy in its tenth season this year, the show has carved out its own niche on Indian television, courtesy all the drama between the inmates and its host, who is none other than Salman Khan. Apart from these, another talking point about the show has been the veracity of its content, with many claiming the show to be scripted while some contending that it is absolutely real.

Now, with a leaked video from the control room of Big Boss which has gone viral online, one can get a more detailed look into what goes in the making of the show. The video shows around 20 people in a room monitoring the activities of the housemates. Of what we can make out from it, the video was probably shot on one of the weekend episode shoots as the contestants appear all decked up. From what is seen, one can definitely say that the show is not scripted. The makers may take a call with regards to the eviction of a particular contestant but the contestants are definitely not given any scripts nor told to behave in a certain manner.

Recently, Priyanka Jagga, who was evicted from the house by Salman himself, had claimed that the show was scripted. Post her not-so-graceful ouster from the show, Priyanka posted a message on her social media account where she claimed that she was happy to leave the show and thanked the makers for letting her go. When a fan commented that Priyanka’s behaviour on the show was ‘below the belt’, Priyanka replied by saying, “It is scripted.” But later she deleted the comment.

We wonder what made Priyanka reconsider her stance? Do you believe Priyanka is bluffing? Tell us your opinion in our Comments section.    

Bigg Boss 10 CONTROL ROOM leaked video – BIGG… by ayesha-noor4

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