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Harley Quinn’s Standalone Movie Will Be Directed by David Ayers As Well!


Harley Quinn’s Standalone Movie Will Be Directed by David Ayers As Well!

Harley Quinn, in Suicide Squad, was the one character who shown out so brightly, that she’s getting her own f**king DC movie. I mean, Deadshot was cool and all, but nothing’s better than a psycho lady who can kick ass and look sexy while doing it – not to mention make us laugh as well. Now it’s not just the awesome character getting her own movie, it’s also going to be directed by Suicide Squad director, David Ayers.

The Harley Quinn movie will be titled “Gotham City Sirens”, based on a comic book series of the same title created by Guillem March and Paul Dini. It had a total of 26 issues running from June 2009 to August 2011. The other two characters are Poison Ivy and Catwoman, but other villains also pop in the books, like Talia, Riddle, Joker, Dick Grayson and Zantanna.

According to Express, David Ayer sent out an image on his Twitter that had Harley with Posion Ivy and Catwoman. At first, fans thought that the movie would be only about Harley Quinn, but she’s with Ivy and Catwoman. No one had been chosen to play the two roles yet, but that didn’t stop the fans from speculating. People have suggested Megan Fox as Poison Ivy and Odette Annble as Catwoman.

There’s no plot of the movie, but there is a plot in the comic book. In the comic book, Catwoman is visibly shaken after being attacked by Boneblaster because she thought that Batman left. Poison Ivy helped Catwoman back to health and coincidentally, Harley was living with Ivy and she came up with the bright idea of starting their own team, and hence the Gotham City Sirens were born.

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