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Catch the Review of Dunkirk’s 5 minute Prologue Shown with Star Wars Rogue One


Catch the Review of Dunkirk’s 5 minute Prologue Shown with Star Wars Rogue One

At select IMAX theaters (specifically 70mm projecting ones) before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story began, there was a five-minute prologue to the next cinematic outing by Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk. Since it was released at very selected theaters. Here is one of the reactions/review of the Dunkirk’s Prologue

One of the Nolanites who posted in the blog regarding his experience watching the 5-minute glimpse of upcoming War Thriller by Christopher Nolan

“In the footage, we hear the ticking that we have heard in the official teaser released in the summer and the trailer released earlier this week. The ticking added a sense of urgency to everything we saw on screen.

There are three narratives that we follow in this prologue. It starts off with Harry Styles and Fionn Whitehead carrying a soldier while trying to evacuate. From what we’ve scene in the trailers and in this footage, Styles has impressed me quite a bit. I’ve always trusted Nolan when it comes to his casting; I mean just look at how Heath Leger in The Dark Knight turned out. Everyone was against it but ended up being an Academy Award Winning role and is personally my favorite performance given by any actor ever. So if Nolan feels that Styles is the perfect fit for this character then I am more than on board.

The second narrative is Mark Rylance’s character leading the charge on a rescue boat. Admittedly this was the least interesting aspect of the footage and I really don’t have much to say about it, except Rylance looks terrific and I can’t wait to see more from him in the final film.

The best part of the footage, however, was the Tom Hardy dogfight. My jaw dropped with the gorgeous cinematography. There were IMAX cameras mounted to the wings of the planes to give us a perspective akin to what we saw in Interstellar from the outside of the ship. And just like in Interstellar, it really helps immerse you in what is happening on hand. I have read criticisms that Hardy is hard to understand, which is the exact same criticism from The Dark Knight Rises prologue from back in 2011. With that being said, just like back in 2011 I didn’t have any issues understanding what Hardy was saying. The small glimpse we have into his performance here isn’t much but it is enough to get me excited to see much more when the film is released. I must say, I have a gut feeling that it will be one of my favorite performances of 2017.

To put it simply, the footage was incredible in typical Nolan fashion. This has certainly gotten me even more excited for the movie than I already was. If you haven’t seen this footage yet and there is a 70mm IMAX theater near you screening Rogue One, I highly recommend it. These five minutes are worth the price of admission alone.”

While Indian Fans have to wait more for Dunkirk, till 21st July 2017

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