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Robert Downey Jr Is In India And This Is How The Story Started


Robert Downey Jr Is In India And This Is How The Story Started


So, you’ve just met your screen idol at an airport/hotel/event and you can’t stop gushing about it. It’s okay, we get it. It’s not everyday that you bump into a celebrity and get that coveted selfie with him/her. You then proceed to blast the internet with that selfie by posting it on every available social media platform.

Indulge child, indulge.

But what if that selfie you took with your screen idol did not actually feature him, but a doppleganger? Someone who resembled like your screen idol to an extent that you couldn’t say who’s who if they stood side by side! Chennai-ites were recently witness to something just like this when they spotted actor Albert Serrato in their city. Who’s Serrato? Well, he happens to be a doppleganger of Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr.

Several people mistook Serrato for Downey Jr. when the former was in Chennai recently. In a frenzy, they took pictures with him and gushed about it on social media, never realizing that it was in fact not the Iron Man star they posed with. Albert too seemed happy to play in, acting as if he was Downey Jr. and spreading the rumour that the Avengers star was in India.

Serrato even had the staff and management of Pheonix Marketcity Mall fooled when he walked into the mall casually. “When we spoke to him, we felt convinced that it was the real star, and it felt odd to be asking him for an ID, so we didn’t,” Shayan Bhattacharya, the digital marketing head of Phoenix Marketcity, told BuzzFeed.

It was only when a certain Mindy Robson tweeted about Serrato that the clouds of confuson began to clear.

Mindy Robson’s Tweet

His Facebook page cleared all pending doubts further. And while Serrato undoubtedly had the last laugh, enjoying his moment of glory in Chennai, we wonder what the original Iron Man has to say on this! Over to you, Robert!



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