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Passengers Cast And Crew Reminisce Their Journey On The Making Of The Film At LA Premiere


Passengers Cast And Crew Reminisce Their Journey On The Making Of The Film At LA Premiere


The LA premiere of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt starrer Passengers was tailored to provide the feel of the movie to the viewers. The red carpet was given the look of the spaceship, Starship Avalon, replete with hibernation pods and a backdrop with some space footage playing.

The story of the film revolves around Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) and Jim (Chris Pratt), two intergalactic passengers on a 120 year long journey to another planet. However, things take a turn when their hibernation pods go off, waking them up 90 years earlier and the duo set out to investigate the mystery behind this snag while trying to save the lives of all the other passengers on the spaceship.

Writer Jon Spraihts expressed his views on the film to Hollywood Reporter by saying, “I wanted to tell a big epic love story in the sci-fi frame, I feel [that] hasn’t been done very often and hasn’t been done recently. I also wanted to tell a great story of the future that was not set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic era. I wanted a future a little like the present where we’re doing well in some ways and poorly in other ways, but still admitted the possibility of hopes and aspirations and dreams coming true.”   

Lawrence and Pratt confessed to having a lot fun on set while shooting. However, Pratt mentioned that while Jennifer could easily switch from her goofy self to her character’s role, he had it a little tough.

“She turns it on and off real quick. I had to shut it down and kind of go inward to get there. We got in a little trouble, but not too much”, he added.

Lawrence also confessed that it was the drive of her character, Aurora, and the original storyline of the film that got her hooked. As she mentioned to THR, “She is making a decision to pick up everything and leave everyone she’s ever known and loved just for a story, just for an insatiable desire and ambition.”

Much of the original storyline of the film, which was written in 2007, has been retained, except for the end.

“What really evolved over the years since I first wrote the movie was the ending, as I and the creative team tried to find a way to culminate and pay off the love story and the crisis of the ship in the same ending,” Spaihts told THR.   

The cast and the crew have high hopes from the film. Writer Spraihts said he hopes the film ignites an interesting conversation. “I hope they come away asking themselves what they would’ve done and their relationship to secrets and to forgiveness and to redemption,” he said.

We hope Passengers takes the viewers on an unforgettable journey.

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