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Figure Out Kar Lenge – Yes, Literally Every “Ok Jaanu” Couple Use This Phrase And We Spoke To One Such Couple To Double Prove It


Figure Out Kar Lenge – Yes, Literally Every “Ok Jaanu” Couple Use This Phrase And We Spoke To One Such Couple To Double Prove It


Okay. Let’s set the context for what I am going to talk about ahead. When I saw the first look poster of Ok Jaanu, Dharma’s upcoming venture, what struck me first was not the star cast, the banner or anything else. It was the tagline- Figure Out Kar Lenge. It is a phrase that we use oh-so-often in our day to day lives. Friends, family, spouses, girlfriends and boyfriends, it comes to play with everyone, everywhere.

It was this tagline that got me thinking. How often and how casually do we use this phrase, for what do we use it, do we or do we not implement on it, who is the ‘figurer’ and who is the ‘figuree’ in a relationship, it is a rather interesting thing to consider if you do. So, ahead of the release of Ok Jaanu in the coming month, we decided to talk to two girls, in a relationship and figure out their equation with Figure Out Kar Lenge. Read on!


“So, we are headed out to lunch or dinner or whatever. He calls me or I call him and for a while, we lay out our options about where we will go. Sometimes, we are totally in tandem with our choices and at times, we are like two magnetic poles. That’s when either him or I say, lets at least head out, baaki figure out kar lenge“, says Akshara*(19), who is in a relationship for the past 7 months.

Jigyasa* (26) states, “Me and my boyfriend are travel enthusiasts. So, when a trip is planned, or we have to go to multiple places for social visits separately, or work beckons and we can’t find time for each other, that’s when he comes up with a solution and the first thing he says is, kuch na kuch figure out kar lenge. We then get down to the details and try to divide time between our commitments and our free time.”

However, this phrase is also a common deflection tool with Akshara and her boyfriend, as she explains, “We are in a relatively fresh space in our relationship. So, when I bring up the subject of our future, talking to my parents etc. he kind of deflects a little by saying we’ll figure it out when the time comes. That’s not the best of moments for me.”


As with Akshara, both of them are the ‘figurers’ in the relationship. As she puts it, “It’s never about one of us saying we’ll figure something out. We both step up to the situation at various times and decide to figure it out. And nine out of 10 times, we end up finding a solution. It’s that one rare time that we push away a subject or an issue, saying we’ll figure it out later and it just goes on getting postponed. And when it gets critical, we realize we haven’t done anything about it.”

However, with Jigyasa, it is her boyfriend who is the ‘figurer’. “He’s quick with decisions, unlike me. I’ll take time to deliberate on something. With him, it’s about taking decisions hard and fast. That’s not to say they are not thought upon. They are rounded, sensible decisions. Yes, at times, we have our disagreements but then, I realize, had it been left up to me, I wouldn’t have even come up with what he did”, she says.


Ok Jaanu revolves around a couple trying to figure out their relationship layer by layer. After all, figuring out your better half in a relationship is indeed a process of patience, discovery and surprises, some pleasant, some maybe not. So, how figured are Akshara and Jigyasa about their relationship?

“Like I said, we are in the more formative stage of our relationship right now. It’s a process of gradual discovery and surprises. So, I can certainly not say that it’s all figured out, we have a lng way to go, and I certainly hope that it will be quite exciting and full of twists and turns!”, says Akshara.

Jigyasa, who, on the other hand, is in a more experienced and stable space, with a relationship spanning three years, says, “Three years have told us a lot about each other. Many a times, we already know each other’s reaction to a particular person and/or situation, so we take care to use or avoid that person or situation. We are familiar with each other’s schedules and personalities and so, there is a distinct sense of familiarity now, which wasn’t there in our initial years.” Adding a touch of wisdom, she continues, “But even then, come to think of it, do we ever figure out people completely? Can we know everything about a person, even if they are super close? I doubt it!”

Well, one such couple is coming to meet you on the 13th of January. And while the tagline of their story says Figure Out Kar Lenge, let’s wait and watch if Adi and Tara do figure out their relationship in OK Jaanu!


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