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This Fan Film of Iron Man and Hulk Will Leave You Wanting More!


This Fan Film of Iron Man and Hulk Will Leave You Wanting More!

Because of the access to technology that most people have nowadays, not to mention the creativity that flows out from people on a daily basis and the amount of fan inspired material that comics and comic book movies are getting in general, it’s not surprising to know that some ingenious person has actually created this amazing fan film trailer for an Iron Man vs Hulk fan film called Iron Man: Gamma Protocol. I don’t know what the title entitles, but the trailer is f**king amazing, I’ll tell you that. If it weren’t for it being very obviously mentioned that it’s a fan trailer, I would’ve assumed it some teaser test footage shit that Marvel “leaked”. You know what am saying?

Oh yes, warning: there’s a lot of destruction. Huge loads of it.

Here’s the video. What do you think about it? Cool, huh? I wouldn’t mind going to the theatre to see the Hulk and Tony Stark in his Hulk Buster suit taking out over the street – that is relatively empty, safety first – and then some more.

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