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22 Pictures About Being Bad At Math And How It’s So True!


22 Pictures About Being Bad At Math And How It’s So True!

Math. Mathematics.

Many people like this subject. They think it’s fun and nice and abstract. But for people who can’t understand it – people like me – usually don’t understand these people who like Maths. I mean, let’s be honest here: what do you find exciting about numbers? What is it about Algebra and Sin and Cos that gets you so high and off? What? Please explain.

But I guess you elitist Math people who think are the smartest people in the world won’t go through the trouble of explaining this shit to us. Because we’re too stupid to understand anyway.

So here is an article about people who don’t understand math and it’ll make only those who understand it laugh. No one else.

1. Buffering – nope

The constant struggle:

2. The dreaded moment

That horrible realization:

3. I’m only making sure

"Just making sure":

4. The ruler dilemma

The case of the mysterious ruler:

5. That face tho

THAT face:

6. This deception

The emotional roller coaster:

7. Every single time

Every single time you go out:

8. “It should do”

"Eh, close enough":

9. Perfect fashion choices

The perfect T-shirt for you:

10. And more

And the perfect sweatshirt:

11. It’s all a LIE

Realizing it's ALL A LIE:

12. This is the only thing you remember

And realizing this is only thing you actually remember from math class;

13. We’re all suddenly artists (note the sarcasm)

Scribbles all over the place:

14. Trying calm your mind

Trying to stay calm:

15. Most of the answers on your sheet look like

Most of your answers looking like this:

16. Or the next best variation

Or like this:

17. Or the last ditch effort

Or this:

18. Planning the future

Planning your future:

19. Fuck the actual rules of math

Making up your own rules:

20. And this little calculator trick

The only equation you had memorized:

21. He’s the one buying all those melons and pineapples

Getting terrible flashbacks from this:

22. This the truth

Adding the total together like:

There’s only one thing Math makes me feel

math problem

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