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Not Once, True Love Happens Thrice In One Life And All Of Them Have A Reason


Not Once, True Love Happens Thrice In One Life And All Of Them Have A Reason

​”Love is a golden ribbon that ties two heart forever”

Love has different meaning for different souls at different ages. Love is the strongest power in the world that can make you or break you.

While we all say love happens once in life and first love can never be forgotten but study says that we fall in love thrice in our life with different people for different reason each time from those three.


This kind of love is what that makes us feel butterflies everywhere during our teenage while we are just too raw to understand love. This is one where we feel everything is just a fairy tale… and we sing Taylor Swift’s ‘Today Was A Fairy Tale’ almost every time we see our crush looking or smiling at us. Oh! We feel everything is just too good and perfect.

Little do we know that all those fairy tales are just too unpragmatic and our young age makes us feel that this one is first and the last. We make up point to restrict our self to this 1st love only but soon we end up having a heart break beacuse this isn’t what love is to be.



This love usually happens when we fail from first and then after some time we feel need of love and so the hunt begins.

This love of 2nd time teaches us lessons. Its basically one to hurt us the most. This love can dominate on us.. lie… make us feel vulnerable to the one we have fallen for.

Love this time makes us keep it holding on for just a sake of saving relationship even if we know deep inside we are done and all corroded.

We make manipulations, sacrifices, leave self respect just to save the unhappening relation we call love.

While in this phase we can have one or change number of other partners thinking things may be better than previous relation. But all we actually do is waste our time but this one teaches us lessons for life and we actually know what we want out of love? How we want our partner to treat us and how to treat him/her?

Mind sets all clear with the tough time and we end up devastated, exhausted of no luck .


This love is kind off amazing its like the saying

“You fall in love with most unexpected person at most unexpected time.”

Well, yes that’s true the third time we fall in love is when we least expect it to happen. We look at that person with sheer uninterest and feel no this one can’t ever be my love.

It’s like out of nowhere in the world this happens. And this is just what you can call a perfect love.

It doesn’t expect huge out of you. Its just as comfortable as you are in yourself. No limits no boundaries, this love adores you for what you are.

They say the ones who get till 3rd one are the lucky souls. This love is potential enough to last for life time.

This time those lovely pictures of out grandparents makes us feel to want the same in our life too.

It’s the most sensible, accepting, understanding and pure love. Its actually the one that adds meaning to our life and makes us happy from within.

So if you have experienced all this then lucky you… you are probably on the 3rd one and this will sure be of lifelong journey with loved one…

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