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5 Awesome Things That We Cannot Miss In Any Indian Wedding


5 Awesome Things That We Cannot Miss In Any Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are an integral part of Indian culture and tradition and are known for their knotty but bizarre and resplendent ceremonies. In India, a wedding is all about multi-day pomp, posh decorations, upbeat dancing and a lot of shopping and amazing rituals. Let’s find out here, 5 wonderful things that are peculiar about Indian weddings.


The multiple day ceremonies

It’s not just a day’s event but a series of short exciting ceremonies that involve large gathering and parties. Several little and grand rites, pre-wedding ceremonials including poojas, mehandi ceremony and sangeet make the wedding a significant and prolonged fun event.


You can dance your feet off!

There’s a fat chance that you happen to be at an Indian wedding and you don’t dance. Wedding in India is the only big occasion on which old and young, guys and girls, all dance their heart out. You can probably spot your shyest aunt tripping the light fantastic toe.


Lip smacking dishes

You’ll always find plenty of dishes and sweets served beautifully, if you’re attending an Indian wedding. The wedding day and a few days before are sure to be high on sumptuous food, sweets, cocktails and what not.


Fun and gossip everywhere

Large number of relatives, guests and friends can be spotted having a gala time. Aunties engrossed in long chit-chats and friends busy in fun-filled gossips can be seen everywhere in an Indian wedding. It’s like one of the major occasions to join together for merrymaking!


The mantras and the seven vows

In India, wedding is not only about tying a knot forever, but an occasion to get hitched by going through certain rituals going hand-in-hand with pious mantras and hymns. The seven vows made by the bride and the groom at the time of holy ceremony are significant of Indian marriages.

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