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8 Bollywood Divas And Their Signature Poses Finally Decoded!


8 Bollywood Divas And Their Signature Poses Finally Decoded!

When it comes to Bollywood Divas, the essence of fashion, styling and glamour come from within. Bollywood is blessed with amazing beauties and they are sure unique from one another.

Every celebrity has their own special trait. No one you find will match any other and that is amazing. Now even the poses that these divas adopt for clicking pictures differ from one another. Here we decode signature pose of the Bollywood Divas as advised by their stylists and you would just want to copy some for sure.



Deepika just adores this pose where she keeps both her hands on waist and gaze directly into the camera with an amazing look. Explaining the essence of this looks her stylist Shaleena Nathani states,  “The pose is designed to draw attention to her best features. It comes off as strong, but not intimidating, and draws attention to those fantastic limbs. It also plays on her statuesque height to convey power.”



Jacqueline has two types of posing and her smile reveals the essence of femininity. Stylist Shaleena Nathani reveal, “The gentle wrist on the neck gives a feminine air while her upturned face catches the light and draws attention to that perfect jawline. The pose exudes a demure sexiness, rather than being diva sexy.”                            In public, she is more of a funny poster. Celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani elaborates, “The energetic poses and funny faces are designed to deliver that one perfect candid snap.”



‘Queen’ star just poses her wavy hands always like a queen. Bhayani decodes, “The wave signifies power; it’s meant to convey that she’s in absolute control of all aspects of her appearance. While most celebrities try a variety of poses to show off their bags or accessories, Kangana dedicatedly sticks to the wave which has a look-but-don’t-touch formality to it .” 



Athiya has got good space in Bollywood quickly and one of the secrets is committing to one side and posing cutely. Decoding it Malini Banerji, Fashion Director at ELLE, says, “Since she is still new in the industry, the pose plays it safe. The downturned face throws light squarely on her striking jaw, while her hair and the slight slouch are used to camouflage her newness in front of the camera. Once she figures out what she wants to be and uses the full potential of her height, she will be someone to watch out for.” 



Alia is one of adorable actress we have in Bollywood. Her signature crossed leg and hands on waist pose is too cool. Malini states, “Alia doesn’t need the added edge of heels to give her confidence; her even-legged stance works just as well with sneakers. You won’t find her nervously shifting from one foot to the other either; the hands-on-the-hips convey happiness and the fact that she’s supremely comfortable in her own skin,”            Even her famous pout pose is just so cute to handle where she puts us to notice even her perfect eyebrows. “You’ll find her tilting to one side, (which works brilliantly when she’s trying to flaunt her innovative braids) and raise one eyebrow while looking into the distance. The end result doesn’t look too studied or rehearsed, so it gets a thumbs-up from me.”



The bold lady is just feminine when it comes to posing for pictures if we consider her Ae Dil Hai Mushkil promotion images. “At this stage in her profession, Anushka knows what works for her and the side profile is definitely a good bet. The downcast eyes display her stunning eye makeup to perfection, and help clinch the outfit together,” explains Malini.



Bollywood Fashionista, Sonam knows what makes her more graceful and so her signature posture is as classy as she is. Malini says, “Anyone who knows Sonam knows that she has a mind of her own. She doesn’t just wear an outfit, she owns it—even if it involves strapping on thigh-high boots for a long flight. The slightly parted lips and erect posture mean that you can be forgiven for thinking that she’s just stepped off the runway, which is usually the case with her sartorial choices anyway”.



Bollywood queen Katrina is polite in her posing style. She prefers one hand on hip and  other free to look elegant on Camera. Her perfectly sculpted figure is no less to forget.

So get your own way of posing girls do not copy.

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