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Winter Ready? 5 Super Easy Ways To Dress Up A Sweater


Winter Ready? 5 Super Easy Ways To Dress Up A Sweater

Winters are ready, are you?
Sweaters is a necessary essential for winter but only wearing the sweater over a top and pairing it with jeans all the time sounds like a flat tire now. How about I give you 5 cool ways to dress your sweater? Trust me, girls, they are super easy.
So come on and scroll down for the awesome ideas!

# Sweater Collared Shirt Collab

We all have a collared shirt lying in our wardrobe. Get that little thing out and layer it with your sweater. Pull the sleeves and the collars out and see you stand out so fabulous! Easy ? 😉 Don’t forget to complete the look with accessories. Below are the images you can grab the look from.


# Add a Belt to Hold that Preppy Look

Is your sweater over-sized? Or might be your favorite one but your figure isn’t satisfied by the looseness of the piece. So girl, keep no disappointments. What you need is just a Belt to fix it. Under the bust or down the waist, you are ready!

belted knit sweater

# Wear a Jacket On

Jackets have always been successful in giving you that sexy bold look. Who said you can pair it with your sweater?Just look into it that you throw a jacket on a sweater that is thin in material and not thick, otherwise you know what would happen. Winter will get you hot, haha!


Estilo – Kendall Jenner Oversized gray sweatshirt under leather jacket! How is it even possible to pull this off..:

# DIYing Your Sweaters :p

DIYs are super fun. While in the case of sweaters I think its even more interesting. So don’t fling off your old sweater, pamper that little piece even more and just spruce up. I know you are that crafty kinda girl. Come up with the best makeover for your sweater.

diy elbow patch

# Accessorize It

Last super easy technique is to match it with any neck jewelry. Be it long necklaces or chokers. Get the unevenness together and see the results by yourself. You’l be creating an eyes on the eyes wala situation when you walk out on the road.

necklace and white sweater

I hope you liked these attention-seeking concepts of dressing your sweater. So now try these soon and thank me later. Haha! 😀

Happy Winters <3

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