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Here’s Why You Still Couldn’t Get That Clear Skin, We Can Help You Right Here!


Here’s Why You Still Couldn’t Get That Clear Skin, We Can Help You Right Here!

Every girl has a huge dream of having clear skin since she first gets her break out! Everyone wishes to look good and that their skin should look beautiful healthy glowing.

How much ever searches you do to ‘how to get clear skin? you fail in it. Try as you may you could be sabotaging your own skin, and that’s why your skin still. Here we tell you few reasons that maybe actually your habits but very bad for your skin. So here give a look and save your skin!.

1. Do you touch your face? Stop it!


Every time you touch your face, you’re instantly putting dirt, bacteria and oils onto your skin. Even if you’ve washed your hands recently, you’ve likely touched your cell phone, which is a pool of germs. And so you land up troubling your skin!

2. Ain’t  you consistent on your product?


Do you hit upon the new product that promises you great skin and then you start using  it, But then  suddenly your  fluctuations occur and you switch to another  one? Please don’t do so. try  one thing for the time and you’ll  see it’s  results. These thing take time. be patient!

3. The wrong formula in use can be a havoc!


Do you have dry skin? Oily skin? Are you using benzoyl peroxide products for acne? What about salicylic acid? Get to know your skin type so that you can use the right products. If you’re not sure what type of skin you have, talk to your  dermatologist.

4. When did you last check the expiry of your product?


Using expired product cause much more damage than you can ever imagine. Not only they won’t  work but also make your skin vulnerable to its  reaction.

5. Dirty pillow case?


To make sure you’re not sleeping on the oil from your own face, switch out your pillowcase once a week.

6. Don’t stress!


Even if you take care of your skin very well. stress can make out the way for your skin to be prone to breakouts. Try out meditation, music, yoga as the stress buster.

7. Don’t wash your face pre and post workout?


Yes, before and after working out. Skip makeup at the gym and wash your face immediately after you workout while your pores are still open and before sweat dries.

8. Lazy to exfoliate skin?


Scrubbing is essential as it thoroughly removes dead skin cells, dirt impurities deep in pores and makes skin smooth. So get up from the lethargy and work for the greater looking skin!

So try out this saviour of skin and enjoy best of glowing breathable skin!

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