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We Can’t Stop Staring At This Glow In The Dark Hair Dye

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We Can’t Stop Staring At This Glow In The Dark Hair Dye

Well, they say nothing is impossible. Oh yeah, nothing is impossible. You may think why am I being so philosophical? Well, there’s no philosophy but did you ever think that having neon glowing hair can be a reality? I never thought but it is and I’m so stunned by it.

Once again Guy Tang is back with a bang. He has created highlights for hair that glows in dark. Amazing right? Before this he has created oil spill hair,  metallic hair and now this amazing glow-in-the-dark-hair.

The hair looks like rainbow spilled over it in normal light making it all multi-chromatic but once in dark the hair glows up and that is just jaw dropping.

Tang who has huge following of 1.5 million on YouTube uploaded a video of how to get this hair but I suggest don’t try this at home unless you are well-experienced hair artist.

If you are impressed by this new trend make your stylist do that for you. Well I am overwhelmed by this style and  want to try my hair on it.

Glow-in-the-dark-hair new goal for us.

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