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Exclusive: Know How Alia Bhatt Earned A Fan On Dear Zindagi Sets For Life


Exclusive: Know How Alia Bhatt Earned A Fan On Dear Zindagi Sets For Life

Dear Zindagi starring Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan is all about life and its little problems. We all share a hate-love relationship with our life and that’s why our love is pure in the form with our Zindagi.

The movie that’s all set to release on November 25th has many interesting stories behind it. When we say this, you should know that we are talking about making of the movie. We will share with you a story that happened during the shooting of Dear Zindagi which made a girl working on the sets of Dear Zindagi sets, Alia Bhatt’s fan forever.

One of our sources close to the film shared with us,

“An art assistant, Sharvari, had sprained her foot while coming to the studio for a day of shoot. She was limping and doing her job in discomfort. When she went to reset a prop next to Alia for the next take, Alia looked concerned and asked her what happened to her foot? She briefly narrated how she sprained her foot. Alia at that very moment stopped the shoot, told her to sit and take rest and asked her to give her job to someone else. That was the art assistant’s first interaction with Alia and surely Alia made a fan for life that day.”

Well, now you know why she’s the cuteheart of Bollywood? #LoveYouAlia #DearZindagi

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