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STOP Criticizing! Deepika Padukone Looked Stunning At MTV EMA Awards


STOP Criticizing! Deepika Padukone Looked Stunning At MTV EMA Awards

Everyone should just breathe and stop with their criticism. Deepika Padukone is making her first International appearance and we all pounced on her as if her appearance on the red carpet is what all matters.

Well, we wouldn’t deny that look and glamor plays an important role in star’s life but that shouldn’t be judged so hard they we forget there’s a heart inside that very star. Also, when we talk about her look, she was charming and gorgeous. We really don’t know who is this self declared Fashion Police who are making harsh statements. We just wanna say, Deepika you slayed!


With her high slit maxi skirt and the bralette, she dared to wear long tassel and she did take a risk but she nailed it. The color is the mehendi green, which is very Indian and may be that’s why it makes people say tacky. Everything Indian on an International red carpet is not TACKY.

Her hair is the only thing that could have been better, rest she was a stunner. Even if she wasn’t appearing great to some people, its her debut, there are many to come, we have to motivate people than criticize them. Let’s be nice.

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-9-20-06-am screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-9-20-21-am

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